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    Aluminum Engine Cleaner is a white powdered spray wash cabinet detergent engineered to be safely used on aluminum. It is perfect for effectively cleaning aluminum engines and transmissions. It can be used as a spray wash cabinet soap and in hot vat cleaning. Its unique formula will remove light to medium petroleum soils and animal fats.

    This superior white powder is formulated with carefully selected foam-controlling agents, water softening additives, alkaline detergents, and wetting agents. This concentrated and soluble powder was formulated to work at higher temperatures. It will clean and strip away grease, oil, and other deposits from aluminum engines, transmissions, radiators, and most other metal parts without foaming issues.

    Aluminum Engine Cleaner has a unique chemistry that will not leave behind any residue or film on parts. It was specifically formulated to not plug up spray wash cabinet jets, nor does it build up inside the spray cabinet. When comparing the chemistry and performance of similar conventional hot tank cleaners of this type, it is without question that the quality of chemistry that is put into Aluminum Engine Cleaner far outperforms the competition.

    There is simply no better hot tank aluminum cleaner. Aluminum Engine Cleaner offers huge advantages and benefits when used. Its exclusive chemistry utilizes high-speed wetting action agents that go to work to quickly penetrate deep into heavily soiled surfaces and components. Higher volumes of heavy-duty water softening additives make sure there is no residue left on surfaces after rinsing.

    The use of high-performance foam control additives has made this cleaner perfect for spray wash cabinet cleaning and other cleaning tasks that demand foam-free operation. It was designed to be safe to use on aluminum.

    This engine hot tank chemical has a highly effective ability to disperse soils, giving this cleaner longer solution life. Aluminum Engine Cleaner offers unique features and benefits. It delivers less waste than solvent cleaning. It is engineered to stop the growth of mold and mildew, plus any potential odors caused by the two. Its formula utilizes high-performance rust inhibitors to prevent flash rusting.

    Environmental Benefits

    Mineral spirits include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to the development of smog and are potentially harmful when breathed.

    As facilities move from high VOC solvents to aqueous cleaners such as Aluminum Engine Cleaner, the total amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) discharged into the air will decrease.

    Cost Savings

    Aqueous cleaning with Aluminum Engine Cleaner may help minimize expenses by reducing the amount of hazardous waste created and the quantity of chemical that has to be bought.
    In addition, an engine hot tank solution that is water-based will last anywhere from four to twelve times longer than one that is solvent-based before it has to be discarded.

    Tips And Tricks For Cleaning Performance

    Engine components and other mechanical equipment may have oil, grease, grime, and filth removed from them using Aluminum Engine Cleaner.

    In addition to that, it keeps the cleaning station in working order for clean-and-replace procedures.

    Aluminum Engine Cleaner is the perfect answer for repair businesses that don’t use outside companies to clean their gearboxes or carburetors since it eliminates the need to outsource such services.

    Additionally, it may be used to safely clean aluminum as well as cast iron components that are placed together in the spray cabinet.

    Without a doubt, it is the best aluminum engine cleaner on the market.

    Aluminum Engine Cleaner Effectively Cleans:

    Effective Against:

    • Grease
    • Oils
    • Deposits

    Features and Benefits:

    • Generates less waste than solvent cleaning.
    • Contains rust inhibitors to prevent flash rusting.
    • Effectively inhibits the growth of mold and mildew and the odors caused by them.

    For Use As A Spray Wash Cabinet Detergent:

    Spray cabinets need between 1 and 2 ounces of Aluminum Engine Cleaner to be added for every gallon of tank water. The temperature of the spray cabinet should be maintained at 190 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. It is important to keep the pH level of the solution in the spray cabinet between 12 and 13.

    The surfactants present in the greases and oils that are being cleaned from the components are often the source of the foaming that occurs. In the event that this happens, utilize the oil skimmer that comes with the spray cabinet, or remove any oily residue from the cabinet.

    Defoamers are another tool that may be used in the management of foaming concerns.

    For Use As A Dip Tank Solution:

    In a dipping tank, dissolve 1 ounce of Aluminum Engine Cleaner per gallon of water. Maintain water temperature at 190 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Immerse the components to be cleaned in the cleaning solution for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse.

    More Aluminum Engine Cleaner may be applied to excessively filthy and oily components.

    Available in: 25-pound kegs, 50-pound kegs, and 100-pound kegs.

    Aluminum Engine Cleaner specifications


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