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Our Asphalt Release Agent is the ideal solution for how to keep asphalt from sticking to dump truck beds.

This environmentally friendly Asphalt Release Agent coats dump beds, rollers, tools, and equipment with a molecular coating that prevents asphalt from clinging and adhering.

This biodegradable Asphalt Release Agent formula was developed as an effective alternative to diesel fuel, which is presently prohibited for this usage by the Environmental Protection Agency.

As a dump truck bed release agent, it provides a thin, consistent emulsion that functions as millions of ball bearings between the surface of the equipment and the hot, sticky asphalt.

This substance may be sprayed to build a barrier that is resistant to heat and that will not run off, hence lowering the risk of soil contamination.

Snow plows and dump beds are also encased in the product’s molecular film, which prevents snow from adhering and incurring costly downtime.

If you are seeking ways to prevent asphalt from adhering to the bodywork of dump trucks, you have come to the correct spot.

Numerous clients in the asphalt and paving industries have moved to this soy-based Asphalt Release Agent from diesel fuel.

Using diesel fuel sprayed from a tank to prevent asphalt from adhering to the roller might lead to complications.

The issue with diesel fuel in this use is that it weakens asphalt, which will ultimately lead to potholes.

In addition to posing risks to the environment, diesel fuels create toxic and poisonous emissions. Additionally, diesel fuel may damage equipment.

Our asphalt release is a highly developed and one-of-a-kind solution that offers a heat-resistant layer that prevents asphalt from adhering to surfaces.

By using this product, asphalt will actually glide off dump truck beds, spreaders, rollers, shovels, rakes and every other surface that asphalt contacts.

Being a soy-based asphalt release agent, it is the best asphalt release agent for truck beds and is composed of only natural materials.

This innovative, biodegradable asphalt release is safe for the environment and for human usage.

It was meant to not impair the asphalt’s quality.

Our unique Asphalt Release agent formula was created to function as a seal to guard against the destructive effects of corrosion and rust, which are often encountered in industrial working environments.

It also serves as a better covering for snow plows.

This high-performance solution is an environmentally friendly Asphalt Release Agent for truck beds, that may be sprayed on the body of a dump truck to prevent bituminous hot mix from adhering to the truck body.

It is quite cost-effective to use.

When comparing the cost of diesel fuel to the cost of treatment with our soy-based Asphalt Release Agent, you will realize significant savings.

Choosing to utilize this asphalt release delivers a flexible solution that may be used for snow removal equipment, snowplows, snow throwers, shovels, rakes, and snowmobiles, among other uses.

It is also quite efficient against snow.

Using this high-quality product consistently will prolong the life of expensive equipment and instruments.

It prevents asphalt from adhering to surfaces and reduces cleaning time and costs.

This 100 percent natural and biodegradable formulation will not deteriorate asphalt quality, damage equipment, or affect the environment.

This Asphalt Release Agent is good against snow, asphalt deposits, rust, and corrosion.

It provides the following Features and Benefits:

  • Prevents asphalt from adhering to surfaces, saving time and money during cleanup.
  • Extends the service life of costly items and machinery.
  • Developed as a formula that is one hundred percent natural and biodegradable, it will not damage equipment or lower the quality of asphalt, nor will it do harm to the environment.
  • In summary, if you’re looking for how to keep asphalt from sticking to dump trucks, then buy it today. Without a doubt, it is the best Asphalt Release Agent for truck beds on the market.

Instructions For Use:

Combine two and a half to three gallons of water with one quart of our soy-based asphalt release agent.

Must combine quickly and thoroughly to produce a correct blend.

Utilize a sprayer with a capacity of three gallons to apply the solution.

For higher volume needs and use, dilute 1 part of our Asphalt Release Agent with 20-40 parts water using a proportioning tool.

Available in: 4 x 1-gallon cases, 6 x 1-gallon cases, 5-gallon pails, 6-gallon pails, 30-gallon drums, 35-gallon drums, and 55-gallon drums.


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