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Comes with FREE Cotton Mop Replacement Head!

Why is the Champion Cotton Wet Mop the Best Floor Mop for Vinyl?

Looking for the best cotton mop that is made in the USA and is specifically designed for the home owner? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The Champion Cotton Wet Mop is the best floor mop for vinyl. It is a multi-functional mop and works amazingly well on virtually all other types of floors, such as linoleum, ceramic tile, laminate, hardwood, cedar, porcelain, natural stone, cement, and rubber flooring.

This lightweight wet mop was specifically designed to be very easy to wring out by hand. If you’re tired of heavy and cumbersome wet mops that are hard to wring out by hand, then this easy to use mop was especially engineered to eliminate those issues and is the perfect mop for your floor cleaning requirements.

Professional janitor mops have very long strands, are extremely thick, and are made from heavy and coarse sized cotton, thus making them far too difficult for the home owner to use. The Champion Cotton Wet Mop utilizes short, thin cotton strands that make the task of wringing the mop out by hand a piece of cake!

Made in the USA, this durable “light n’ easy” floor mop is of the utmost in quality and performance for facilitating an excellent floor cleaning experience. The superior material of this mop results in a superior absorbency that always gets the job done!

The high quality one piece mop handle that this mop comes with has a “Quick Release” feature that facilitates simple and easy mop head attachment.

With 100% FREE shipping, you simply can’t go wrong with the Champion Cotton Wet Mop, the best floor mop for vinyl!

How To Clean Your Kitchen Floor:

Most kitchen floors are made with some type of vinyl flooring. The Champion Cotton Wet Mop is the #1 choice by customers looking for the best floor mop for vinyl floors. Now that you’ve chose the correct cotton “easy wring” wet mop, it is time to get rid of all dirt and grime and return your floor back to its original beautiful shine!

Getting Started

Initially, remove any tables, furniture, or obstacles, and sweep the floor with a soft bristle broom to remove any free dirt particles.

As an extra step, you can also utilize a quality old fashioned dust mop to make sure any remaining microscopic dust isn’t hiding under any areas you may not have been able to reach with the broom.

Next, create a cleaning solution, such as a solution of Champion Multi Surface Floor Cleaner with water, and then place the Champion Cotton Wet Mop into the bucket.

Wring out any excess cleaning solution until the mop is damp to the touch. It is better to use a damp mop rather than a dripping, over saturated mop. An overly wet mop will spread dirt around the floor, rather than picking it up.

The Best Method for Cleaning

It is best to start at the farthest corner of the room from the entrance. When it comes to cleaning vinyl floors, always follow a figure eight pattern.

This is the most effective way to scrub your floor. Move towards the entrance of the kitchen so that your feet are always placed on a dry piece of floor.

You may need to create a clean solution halfway through the process. One trick that professional cleaners use is a sponge-based floor squeegee, which can help in speeding up the drying process. It also will bring any residual dirt to one area, allowing you to pick that up with the damp cotton mop.

Finishing Up

When finished, dump and clean out the bucket so as not to leave any residual dirt. This great cotton wet mop is very easy to clean. Just thoroughly rinse out the mop and hang to dry.  You can also use a disinfectant to keep your mop fresh and clean.

Mop head is washable by placing it in a hair net.

The Champion Cotton Wet Mop, the best vinyl floor mop, is similar in size to the old stanley type cotton wet mop.


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