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Are you frustrated with the choices of wet mops found in stores? Are they too big and bulky for you? Are they too difficult to wring out by hand? Do they leave little pieces of lint on your floor when you’re finished? Are you trying to find the best mop for cleaning floors? We sympathize and we have the perfect floor care solution for you!

For over 40 years, Champion Supplies has provided homeowners with the cleaning supplies they need and like, especially when it comes to floor mops.

The Champion Yellow Wet Mop is an easy wring floor cleaning mop and was specifically engineered to be super lightweight, highly absorbent, and incredibly easy to wring out with your hands. Plus, it leaves your floors streak-free and lint-free!

The Champion Yellow Wet Mop is designed to be effective on a multitude of different types of flooring.

It is not only one of the best floor mops for tile but is also an excellent mop for hardwood floors, ceramic tile floors, laminate floors, linoleum floors, vinyl floors, rubber floors, marble floors, concrete floors, porcelain tile floors, and wood floors. It’s a great kitchen mop, a great bathroom mop, and can be used in all areas of the home!

This superior floor mop WILL NOT scratch your floor!

Why is the Champion Yellow Wet Mop the Best Mop for Cleaning Floors?

The Champion Yellow Wet Mop is highly absorbent due to the high-quality, high-performance non-woven fabric material used in its manufacturing process. This superior hard floor mop’s thirsty fibers soak up to 5 times their weight in water! Because of this ultra absorbency, you make fewer trips to the mop bucket to wring out this amazing floor cleaning house mop. All of this time and energy saved equates to a greater floor cleaning experience!

Not only is cleaning tile floors and practically any other type of floor a breeze with this easy wring wet mop, it is an extremely durable floor cleaning mop that will last for many, many years!

This light ‘n’ easy multifunctional wet mop is extremely easy to wring out by hand and can be rinsed clean quickly. For even the toughest floor cleaning/scrubbing jobs, you can count on the Champion Yellow Wet Mop to maximize your time and energy efficiency!

The Champion Yellow Wet Mop is:

  • Easy to use
  • Very easy to wring out by hand
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Highly absorbent
  • Easy to clean, reusable, and machine washable up to 140 degrees F

NOTE: After use, it is advisable to store the Champion Yellow Wet Mop in an airy place and leave it to dry naturally.

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The Champion Yellow Wet Mop is an easy wring floor cleaning mop that is super lightweight, amazingly absorbent, and regardless of what type of floor you have, it will leave it lint-free and streak-free!


  1. Start with a soft bristle indoor broom and sweep up any dust and dirt particles. Another excellent option for getting rid of dust would be our Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop.
  2. Grab your Champion Yellow Wet Mop and bucket, add water, and pour in some Champion Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner.  It is an environmentally-friendly mild detergent designed for eliminating stains and messes on all types of floors. You may need to change your floor cleaner solution multiple times while mopping because dirty water equates to a dull looking floor. Note: If you have wood or laminate floors, you can use our Champion Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner.
  3. Once you mop the whole floor, dispose of the dirty cleaning solution, fill your bucket with clean water, rinse the mop thoroughly, and then mop over the floor again.
  4. One trick to get the floor to dry fast and to be sure it is completely clean is to squeegee any excess water by using a sponge-based floor squeegee.
  5. To get a streak-free look, wring out as much excess water as possible from the Champion Yellow Wet Mop as you can, run the mop over the floor one final time, and your floor will have a streak-free and lint-free shine as good as new.

Many of our customers have gone out of their way to call us to express their joy and shock at the beautiful streak-free and lint-free finish on their floors after using the Champion Yellow Wet Mop! It is simply the best mop for cleaning floors on the market!

By the way, for those that are old enough to remember, the Champion Yellow Wet Mop is very similar to the old fashioned stanhome amazo-type yellow mop.

Dog on a tile floor.
The Champion Yellow Wet Mop was specifically designed for the home. Its unique non-woven fabric, with its sponge-like feel, provides super cleaning abilities that no other floor cleaning mop can match. It is absolutely the best mop for cleaning floors on the market!
















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