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Champion Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil #2711 was specifically formulated to lubricate and cool air-operated rock drills that operate at high cubic feet per minute (CFM) airflow rates. This series of rock drill oils utilize unique biodegradable chemistry and has superior emulsifying properties that effectively help in minimizing the chance of water displacing the lubricant and wetting metal surfaces. It can be used in a multitude of rock drilling applications such as used with pavement breakers, jackhammers, tampers, riveters, and other similar types of pneumatic equipment.

Champion Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil #2711 is a high-performance extreme-pressure anti-wear lubricant that is emulsifiable and low-fogging. This high-performance rock drill oil has found uses in surface mining, underground, contractor, and a myriad of industrial applications. It is excellent for use in rotary-type and percussive tools.

Champion Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil #2711 utilizes the finest solvent-refined severely hydro-treated high viscosity index base stock oils. Blended into these superior high-VI base stock oils is an exclusive additive chemistry that delivers outstanding chemical stability and superior protection against corrosion and wear.

During the atomization process when using the rock drill that is in the presence of highly moisture-laden air, it is critical that the rock drill utilizes an oil that will effectively cling and adhere to the metal surfaces of the rock drill. Additionally, it is important that the rock drill oil does not wash off during high-temperature, high-speed operating conditions. The oil must protect the rock drill metal surfaces from any rust and corrosion effects that could occur in the presence of water and it must also offer wear-reducing capabilities.












Champion Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil #2711 offers excellent adhesive properties, delivers excellent corrosion and rust protection, and protects metal surfaces from wear due to its high film strength and high lubricity characteristics.

To provide proper lubricant distribution and quick metal wetting of all critical components, Champion Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil #2711 is formulated to atomize easily via airline lubricators. It is especially effective at atomizing in close toleranced operating parts of the equipment, thus delivering a continuous film of oil that reduces frictional heat and wear. Additionally, through the use of high-performance anti-wear and extreme pressure agents, rock drill components are further protected during heavy shock loading operating conditions, thus minimizing wear and extending equipment life.

Also, when temperatures are high, this high-performance rock drill lubricant resists the formation of any carbon deposits. Champion Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil #2711 offers superior protection in wet rock drilling environments. This leads to longer drill and tool life, enhanced performance, better lubrication in the presence of moisture and water, and increased protection from rust and corrosion in critical rock drill components.

Champion Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil #2711 offers reliable lubrication in any wet or moisture-laden operating conditions. This allows this lubricant to provide a tough and tenacious lubricating film that adheres to any components it comes in contact with. It is resistant to being washed away when in the presence of water, such as can happen through the use of compressed air. Its unique chemistry allows increased oil absorption on the working surfaces of rock drill components and offers superior emulsification of water.

Another excellent feature of this rock drill oil is its superior clingability properties. It delivers a tenacious film of oil when exposed to a multitude of operating conditions, which helps to protect critical rock drill components from wear. Also, this excellent adhesive property makes it possible for metal surfaces to be protected from any rust or corrosion, especially when there are high amounts of moisture in the environment.

Due to the use of high viscosity index base stock oils, Champion Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil #2711 can operate and provide excellent lubrication over a broad range of temperatures, both low and high. Champion Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil #2711 was formulated with superior anti-wear protection and extreme pressure capabilities.

These EP and anti-wear features provide various benefits, such as a reduction in rock drill component wear. It helps to reduce frictional heat, thus reducing operating temperatures. It helps to protect metal surfaces from welding and galling. Also, its unique anti-wear and EP chemistry helps to minimize uneven operation, thus delivering more efficient and smoother operation. It potentially helps extend equipment life, reduce downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

The combination of high-quality super-refined base stock oils, along with proprietary additive chemistry provides excellent thermal, chemical, and oxidative stability. This translates to a reduction in sludge, gum deposits, and helps to improve valve operation.

Champion Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil #2711 comes in the following viscosity grades: 46, 100, 150, and 320. For all-season operation, ISO 46 is an excellent choice. For rock drilling operations during high temperatures or for mining operations, consider our ISO 100 grade.

Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil #2711 Attributes:

  • superior adhesive properties
  • excellent emulsifying characteristics
  • low misting tendencies
  • resists deposit formations such as sludge, carbon, and gum during high-temperature operations
  • enhanced corrosion and rust protection
  • heavy-duty film strength and lubricity

Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil #2711.


5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum

Viscosity Grade

46, 100, 150, 320


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