Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive

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If you’re looking for a professional-looking black weatherstripping glue that’ll fit in with your car’s existing trim, go no further than Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive.

For weatherstripping and general bonding, a thick liquid contact cement such as Permatex Super Weatherstrip Adhesive is what is required.

This air-drying contact cement, known as Super Weatherstrip Adhesive, provides quick bonding while preserving enough tack to disperse and connect large areas simultaneously.

Parts may be repositioned after first contact thanks to the drying qualities of Permatex 81850.

When all of the solvent has evaporated, Permatex Weatherstrip Adhesive will have reached its full potential in terms of its holding power.

If the non-porous surfaces are joined while the glue is still wet, they will inhibit the release of the solvent, and as a result, it will take the black super weatherstrip adhesive more time to dry and reach its optimum strength.

In addition to its high water resistance and chemical resistance, Permatex 81731 Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive dries quickly and can endure temperature variations.

  • #80 Permatex Super Weatherstrip Adhesive, 5 oz. is often used on cut gaskets, carpeting, moldings, foam, vinyl, fabric-backed vinyl upholstery, and headliners.
  • #82 Permatex Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive – 5 oz. is usually used for door and trunk moldings, all kinds of automotive weatherstripping, body side moldings, and cosmetic trim.

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  • #82 (SKU# CS81850PX) Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive 5 fl. oz. tube, boxed.
  • #80 (SKU# CS81731PX) PermAuto Super Weatherstrip Adhesive 5 fl. oz. tube, boxed.


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