Champion Fresh Breeze Odor Eliminator


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Champion Fresh Breeze Odor Eliminator is a linen sky fragrance that eliminates pet odors, garbage, and stale smoke odors.

  • Acts as an effective pet odor remover.
  • Use in your home, bathroom, on carpets, on fabrics, clothing, restrooms, hotels, schools, office buildings, car dealerships, trash storage areas, lobbies and elevators, locker and shower rooms, etc.

It contains a blend of deodorizers that can be added to detergents that can help eliminate tough, foul odors. Our unique formula can mask and control unpleasant smells, and leaves a fresh, clean and pleasant scent.

For use as a space spray: Fresh Breeze Odor Eliminator may be sprayed straight from the bottle or cut back up to 10:1 with water. Set trigger sprayer for fine mist and spray throughout area to be deodorized. For large areas, dilute with water and fog area with Fogger.

Additive to cleaning solutions: Add 2-4 ounces to each gallon of diluted carpet shampoo to control musty odors. Add 2-4 ounces to each gallon of rinse water when damp mopping floors. Your rooms will smell fresh and clean.

For use as a fabric/carpet freshener: Hold bottle 8-12 inches from fabric or carpet. Spray evenly until damp. This odor killer will fade as surface dries. Quickly restores freshness to fabrics, clothing and carpeting. On fabrics that may water spot(such as leather, rayon, and silk), test a small area of fabric that cannot be seen.

1 Quart – 32oz



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