Champion Glass Cleaner Spray & Shine


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Champion Glass Cleaner Spray & Shine is not only environmentally friendly, but a superior fast drying, streak-free glass cleaner. Makes a great spray and wipe all purpose cleaner. Great on plexiglass, computers, screens, bar code scanner, stainless steel, windows, glass display cases, automobile glass, plastic, vinyl, etc. Positively no streaks. Ready to use. Zero VOC’s. No alcohol. No ammonia. No glycol ether. No solvents. No odor.

DIRECTIONS Spray a fine mist over entire surface. Spread at once and dry. For best results, use two lint free towels. Wipe off soil with the first and polish with the second. Change towel when dirty to avoid redeposits of soil.

1 Quart – 32oz

Made in USA.

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