Champion Performance Plus All Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser


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Champion Performance Plus All Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser is a proven and effective cleaner with properties not available in other multi surface cleaners. It will out-clean the most rugged cleaners and will leave surfaces bright and shiny. The most difficult soils are quickly and safely removed. Performance Plus contains super wetters to ensure rapid and complete rinsing. Glass and windshields rinse clean and spot free. Water will actually bead-up. Performance Plus has a pleasant scent and odor destroying properties.

  • Formulated as an effective vehicle wash.
  • Excellent for use on vinyl siding, fiberglass surfaces, and outside of buildings and homes.
  • Will not hurt plants.
  • Removes difficult grease and soil stains.
  • Effective as a power wash detergent.
  • Superior performance on tile surfaces, as well as on marine and recreational vehicles.


To degrease engines: Spray concentrate on warm engine and rinse with a garden hose.

General cleaning: 2-4 ounces per gallon of water.

As a heavy duty spray and wipe cleaner: Mix 1 part Performance Plus with 10 parts water and use as a general all purpose cleaner. Removes grease, oil, mildew, mold, soap scum and heavy soil from showers, tubs, sinks, stoves, refrigerators, plastic, vinyl, rubber roofs, boat canvas, and awnings.

Manual cleaning of buses, trucks, boats, and autos: Mix a solution at the rate of 2-4 ounces of Performance Plus per 1 gallon of water. Using a sponge, cloth or brush, wash in the usual manner. Rinse with clean water before solution dries on surface.

Quarry tile cleaner: 2-4 ounces per gallon of water.

Tile and grout cleaner: Mix 50:50 with water. Leaves surfaces bright and shiny without residue.

1 Quart – 32oz



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