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Champion Power Bowl Cleaner is a mild all purpose bowl cleaner that combines detergent and wetting agents coupled with a phosphoric acid base. Eliminates rust, lime, organic deposits, and offensive odors from wash basins, bathtubs, shower stalls, glazed tile, porcelain enamel, toilet bowls, and urinals.


Toilet Bowls – Remove water from toilet bowl by plunging over toilet trap with our Bent Tip Toilet Bowl Brush. Place bottle nozzle under the inside of the toilet bowl rim. Squeeze Power Bowl Cleaner out of bottle and slowly run nozzle around the inside of rim until entire inner surface is covered. Let sit for 2 minutes. Flush and rinse.

Urinals – Pour 1 ounce onto mop and apply or squirt directly onto surface. Flush and rinse out applicator. A preliminary cleaning is necessary for the removal of gross filth.

To clean laundry wash basins, bathtubs, shower stalls, drinking fountains, tile surfaces, porcelain enamel surfaces, and stainless steel fixtures –  Always dilute with 3 parts water. Do not allow solution to remain on fixtures without immediately thoroughly rinsing with water.

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