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Champion Premium Blue is a foaming detergent & degreaser. Active oxides serve up the power of an overnight soak! Deep clean for pots & pans that penetrates through baked-on food residue. Made from 100% bio-based (renewable) surfactants. Extremely mild to skin. Turquoise blue with a fresh hyacinth scent. Environmentally friendly and safe cleaning. Surpasses stringent environmental standards. Superior dishwashing performance. Excellent soil emulsification. Excellent foam stability and foam level. Dissolve tough foods.

For dishes, glassware, and utensils: Use 2 ounces per sink full of water and permit water to run with force until sink is filled to usual level. Wash dishes, rinse and permit to air dry. It is not necessary to towel dry; both dishes and glasses will dry to a spot free sparkle. For greasy pots and pans: Cleans greasy pots and pans without effort. Merely use a tablespoon to each pan, fill with hot water, and let stand while other dishes are being washed. Then wash in the usual manner.

Made in USA.

1 Quart – 32oz

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