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Champion 100% Stainless Steel Scrubber is made of fine non-rusting and non-souring 100% stainless steel. This stainless steel scouring pad will not splinter and is long lasting. Use on pots, grills, ovens, etc. Rinses out easily and will not sour. Dishwasher safe. 2 per package. Size: 35 grams.

How to Clean Pans With Baked On Grease

If you’ve wondered how to clean pans with baked on grease, the following is an effective method. First, take the pan, put it in your kitchen sink, and thoroughly wet it with water. Take our Champion Degreaser Concentrate and squirt enough on the pan and spread so that all of the pan surface is covered by the degreaser. Let sit for a few minutes. Next, take the Champion Stainless Steel Scrubber, thoroughly wet it, and scrub the pan in circular and back and forth motions. You can now see how easy it has become to remove the baked on grease. After scouring the baked on grease, rinse it with water.


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