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Concrete Rust Remover is the best way to remove rust stains from concrete.

With a pH of less than one, this Concrete Rust Remover performs like an acid while being safer and gentler on the skin than liquid dish soap.

Concrete Rust Remover is the best way to remove rust stains from concrete and cement, restoring the surface to a like-new condition.

The thickened composition improves dwell time and effectiveness to get rust stains off concrete, and it works on fresh and old stains, as well as light and heavy stains.

Rust stains on concrete, rust stains on pavers, and rust stains on various surfaces, such as porcelain, metal, brick, and fiberglass are also effectively removed with Concrete Rust Remover.

Remove rust from cement with ease!

Being biodegradable and non-flammable, you can remove rust from concrete driveways safely.

As a safe chemical to remove rust from concrete, shipments are classified as non-hazardous by the DOT.

Here are the important benefits and features when using Concrete Rust Remover:

  • Concrete Rust Remover is formulated to get rust out of concrete, including heavy and old stains.
  • Effectively and easily remove rust stains from concrete driveways, remove rust stains from pavers, and so much more!
  • A unique thickened formulation for improved dwell helps get rust off concrete.
  • It is the best rust stain remover for concrete without the use of acid.
  • Concrete Rust Remover is designed with a pH of less than 1, but is gentle on skin.
  • Specifically formulated to safely clean rust stains from concrete, while being nonflammable and biodegradable.
  • Ships DOT non-hazardous which illustrates it is a safe way to get rust stains out of concrete.
  • Concrete Rust Remover is the best way to remove rust from concrete.
  • As the best concrete rust remover, it is quite easy to apply and can be used by spraying or pouring.
  • It effectively works on both new and old stains to clean rust off concrete.

Concrete Rust Remover Directions:

To clean rust from concrete has never been easier!

To remove rust off concrete, dilute up to 1:1 for light rust stains, and undiluted for heavy rust stains, such as when you need to remove rust from driveway cement or remove rust from concrete floor.

Apply directly to the stained surface.

Allow dwell time for most stains.

Agitation may be required for heavy stains.

No need to rinse the concrete surface after treatment.

Rinse any metal surfaces that may have been treated.

Treat original source of rusting with a rust converter to prevent future staining.

Etching may occur on some surfaces.

Always test in an inconspicuous area before use.


Available in:

  • 5, 6, 30, 35, 55 gallons
  • 6×1 gallon
  • 4×1 gallon
  • 12 quarts/case


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