Creme Cleaner


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The Champion Creme Cleaner is a soap scum remover, stainless steel sink cleaner, stove top cleaner, and bathtub stain remover. Use on porcelain surfaces, ceramic tiles, household counter tops, enamel coatings, stainless steel appliances, bathroom tile, household sinks, chrome fixtures, automotive whitewall tires, and many other surfaces. Cleans gently and effectively. A one step scouring cream that polishes and controls odor, clings and stays on surfaces for easy cleaning, and leaves surfaces clean and shining bright.

Formulated to provide a gentle scrubbing effect. Our unique formula includes mineral oil and d’Limonene (orange peel oil). Together they provide extra performance and gentle cleaning action.

DIRECTIONS: 1)Squeeze cleaner onto damp cloth or sponge and apply to soiled surface. (or apply directly onto surface to be cleaned.) 2) Remove loosened soil with damp cloth or sponge. 3) Rinse with clean water.

1 Quart – 32oz

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