Champion Delicate Wash


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Champion Delicate Wash is formulated for fine fabrics. An excellent choice for cold water fabric care. This fabric cleaner is perfect for delicate clothes and any clothing items that require a delicate wash. In addition, it is an excellent lingerie wash. With fall and winter weather approaching, you will need a delicate fabric wash for all of your woolens.

When you are ready to hand wash delicate clothes, first you must fill your sink or basin with 2-4 quarts of room temperature water depending on the amount of fine fabrics being washed.  Next, add 1 capful of Champion Delicate Wash to 2 quarts of water or 2 capfuls for 4 quarts of water. Add your delicate clothes and let them soak up to twenty minutes. Remove your fine fabrics and very gently squeeze out any extra water. Do not wring. Cover fine fabrics in a dry towel and press gently to remove any excess water. Place fine fabrics on a clean, dry towel and let dry. Keep away from any heat or sunlight.


. Hand Washing: Add 1 capful to 2 quarts of cold water. Soak garments individually for 3 minutes. Gently squeeze suds through fabric. Do not rub. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. Do not wring or twist.

. Machine Washing: Use TBS (1/8 cup) in top loading machines or 1 TBS in front loading machines. Fill machine with cold water. Add Champion Delicate Fabric Wash Concentrate and run on gentle or delicate cycle. Follow drying instructions on garment care.

. Spots and Stains: Moisten fabric and gently work in Champion Delicate Fabric Wash Concentrate and launder as usual.





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