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Devcon Putty is a superior high strength epoxy putty liner that may be troweled on for optimum defense against gouging, impact, and abrasion.

Devcon 15330 is a resilient, urethane rubber-like compound, ideal for a variety of repairs requiring protection from abrasion and wear as well as a decrease in noise.

Utilize Devcon Flexane high performance putty so that the surfaces of your equipment are protected from wear and abrasion.

Guard the processing machinery, including the coating hoppers, the pump volutes, the lining chutes, the fan housings, and the impellers.

Here are a few of the characteristics that have been built into this Devcon Epoxy Putty:

  • Rubber components are protected and lined even in the harshest of processing conditions, and repairs may be made as needed.
  • Devcon Putty creates a robust rubber compound that is both strong and flexible (400 pli tear strength & Hardness 78 Shore A.)
  • Sticks firmly to many different substances like rubber, metal, wood, concrete, and fiberglass.
  • Devcon 15330 Flexane High Performance Putty offers exceptional durability, including resistance to tears, impacts, and abrasions.
  • Smoothly trowels on and mixes effortlessly.
  • When this Devcon Putty is utilized in conjunction with Flexane® Primers, which provide the strongest possible bond.

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1 LB. Kit


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