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8302 Dust Mop Treatment Spray helps to attract more dust for more efficient cleaning. This convenient aerosol is formulated with special non-staining mineral oils. Its unique chemistry will aggressively attract and collect high quantities of dust without harming floors or other hard surfaces. 8302 Dust Mop Treatment Spray not only grabs dust particles into mop fibers but will actually form compact dust balls that are easily shaken off after use. It is engineered to be safe to use on multiple floor surfaces such as hardwood, tile, concrete, and linoleum. An important added feature is it will not leave floors slippery after use.

8302 Dust Mop Treatment Spray can be used on both dust mops and dust cloths. It is a versatile duster spray and can effectively pick dust off the following surfaces: floors, wood, tile, vinyl, Formica, linoleum, concrete, furniture, blinds, auto interiors, shelves, window frames, and more.

8302 Dust Mop Treatment Spray’s exclusive chemistry increases the dust-grabbing abilities of both dust mops and dust cloths and vastly eliminates flying germ-filled dust from scattering and resettling. Heavy lint on a dust mop or dust cloth can be shaken or washed out.

This high-performance dust mop spray can be used on finished resilient asphalt, rubber, linoleum, and vinyl floors. Following a consistent floor maintenance program will help to extend the life of your floor’s finish and maintain its gloss.

Features and Benefits

  • Forms compact dust balls on dust mops for easy removal
  • Formulated with exclusive mineral oils that effectively attract dust without staining hard surfaces
  • Will not leave a slippery surface
  • Helps to cut down on dust mopping time
  • Heavy lint can be easily shaken or washed out


Hold aerosol dispenser upright 6″ to 8″ from the dust mop or dust cloth. Spray a light mist directly onto the dust mop or dust cloth. Allow the dust mop treatment to penetrate, then dust or mop as usual. Re-apply if needed. For best results, treat dust mop overnight. Shake out lint thoroughly, then clean dust mop or dust cloth by soaking in a solution of mild dish soap detergent and water when finished. Re-treat dust mop and dust cloth after washing.

Note: Never spray 8302 Dust Mop Treatment Spray directly onto the floor and protect floors from any overspray. The product’s ingredients will make the floor slippery if this occurs. Scrub the floor thoroughly with detergent and dry thoroughly in the case of overspray.


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