Floor Jack Hydraulic Fluid

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Lubriplate Floor Jack Hydraulic Fluid is a anti-wear, high-pressure, heavy-duty, non-corrosive hydraulic fluid.

Applications For Lubriplate Hydraulic Floor Jack Oil:

Recommended for use in hydraulic jacks and other applications of a similar kind.


  • For its wear-resisting qualities, Lubriplate Hydraulic Jack Oil Zinc Fluid is a great choice.
  • Superior viscosity index (V.I.)¬†ensures consistency across a broad range of temperatures.
  • High aniline point for regulating seal swelling properties.
  • Superior protection against corrosion and¬†rust.
  • Lubriplate Floor Jack Hydraulic Fluid offers stability in terms of both chemistry and mechanics.
  • Lubriplate Hydraulic Fluid for a jack is able to prevent the formation of foam.
  • Excellent heat transfer capabilities.
  • Thermal oxidation resistance.
  • Excellent demulsification characteristics.

Contact us for a quotation on Lubriplate Floor Jack Hydraulic Fluid, which is available in two container sizes:

  • 1 gal. (4/case), SKU# L0768-057
  • 1 qt. (12/case), SKU# L0768-054


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