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This highly effective aerosol insecticide spray is specifically engineered to be fast-acting and deliver quick and positive knockdown of pesky flying insects while they’re flying in mid-air. It has a mild scented, low-odor formula.

Flying Insect Killer Spray #8405 was formulated with SUMITHRIN (d-Phenothrin,) along with Tetramethrin. This combination of chemicals works synergistically to create a flying killer insect spray that delivers quick and fast knockdown of a multitude of flying insects.

#8405 Flying Insect Killer is effective against flies, mosquitoes, small flying moths, gnats, fleas, and ticks. It can be used in non-food areas such as industrial buildings, commercial buildings, institutional buildings, and households. It is also safe to use on pet bedding to kill and eliminate ticks and fleas.

Another use for Flying Insect Killer Spray #8405 is that it kills mosquitos that may carry West Nile Virus and it continues to kill mosquitoes that land on treated surfaces for up to eight hours.

This product is an excellent fly and insect spray for gnats. If you’re wondering what kills mosquitoes the best, then Flying Insect Killer Spray #8405 is the best insecticide for mosquitoes. This product is the best flying insect spray for indoors. This is the best flying insect killer spray on the market!

Flying Insect Killer Spray #8405 Directions for Use:

  • It is against Federal law to utilize this aerosol spray in a way that is inconsistent with its labeling. Do not use in commercial food processing, preparation, or storage areas.
  • Shake well before use. Hold container upright and apply in short bursts.
  • To kill small flying moths, mosquitoes, gnats, and flies: First close all windows and doors, then direct Flying Insect Killer Spray #8405 upward towards the center of the room with a slow, sweeping motion. Spray for 5-10 seconds for each average room. Next, keep the room closed for a duration of 15 minutes after spraying. It is important to ventilate the room completely before re-entering. Finally, sweep up and throw away any fallen insects.
  • To kill ticks and fleas in pet bedding and pet areas: Discard and destroy old pet bedding. To minimize and reduce insect infestation, completely spray the pet’s bedding, sleeping area, around baseboards, door, window frames, wall cracks, local areas of floors, and other resting places until the surface is slightly moist. Treat these areas at the rate of 2 seconds per linear foot at a distance of 12-18 inches. Also, spray the entire inside surface of dog houses. Put fresh bedding in the pet’s living quarters after the area is dry. DO NOT spray animals. Also, treat pets with a registered flea and tick control product before having them enter the treated area.

Net Wt. 15 oz. 


15 oz. Can, 12-Can Case


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