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Lubriplate FGL NSF H1 NLGI 2 Food Safe Grease addresses the rising needs of the pharmaceutical, beverage, and food sectors.

A substantial amount of testing and research has been done on Lubriplate FGL Food Safe Grease in order to enhance the qualities of lubricants that come into contact with food as a result of the shift toward NSF International H-1 Registered* products as an alternative to H-2 products.

As a consequence of these increasing needs, Lubriplate FGL Food Safe Machine Grease has been developed.

Now with Lubri-Armor, Lubriplate’s anti-microbial ingredient inhibits the microbial degradation of lubricants.

LubriArmor is applied to Lubriplate FGL aluminum complex grease to keep it fresh and extend its shelf life in tough food processing conditions.


  • Lubriplate NSF H1 NLGI 2 Food Safe Grease consists of USP white oils that are colorless like water and non-toxic by FDA regulation (21 CFR 172.878.)
  • Lubriplate Food Safe Lubricating Grease was created using components that are safe for use in situations where they could come into accidental contact with food, as per FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570.
  • This one-of-a-kind blend of aluminum complex grease thickeners is resistant to the oil bleed issues that are often seen when using traditional food grade lubricants.
  • With a film that lasts longer, less lubricant may be used, and the time between greasing can be increased.
  • The exceptional stability of the material helps to delay the softening of the food safe grease that occurs during the high shear mechanical action that is often seen in high speed filling and packing machines.
  • Stability at high temperatures and resistance to oxidation.
  • Superior resistance to the eroding effects of water.


  • Lubriplate FGL1 NLGI 1 Food Safe Machine Grease serves as a multipurpose lubricant and is extensively utilized at many plants.
  • This encompasses operating at high and low velocities, high and low temperatures, and a broad variety of loads.
  • When working under harsh circumstances like water, high temperature, steam, and heavy loads, FGL-2’s film strength is excellent.
  • Because of its exceptional shear stability and special tackiness agent, this grease forms a film of lubricant that sticks around for a long time, making Lubriplate FGL NSF H1 NLGI 2 Food Safe Grease suitable for use on chains, open gears, and other surfaces that get a lot of use.

If you’re looking for a great price on a Lubriplate FGL-2 Grease Cartridge, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

  • Lubriplate FGL-2 Aluminum Complex Grease – 14.5 oz. (10/case)
  • Lubriplate FGL-1 Aluminum Complex Grease – 14 oz. (10/case)
  • Lubriplate FGL-1 Aluminum Complex Spray Grease – 11 oz. (12/case)


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