Food Safe Silicone Spray

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Sprayon® LU210 Food Safe Silicone Spray is a low-viscosity silicone compound that is suitable with a wide variety of surfaces and has a concentration of 5%.

When the imparted amount is no more than 1 ppm, Sprayon LU 210 Food Safe Silicone Lubricant satisfies the FDA requirement that is contained in Title 21 paragraph 178.3570.

NSF H1-rated products are suitable for use in poultry and meat processing operations that are subject to federal inspection.

Lu210 Sprayon is usable in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to +450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water-repellent and metal-corrosion-resistant.

Excellent for use as a wood-to-wood sliding lubricant and on fiber gears, plastic, extruded components, rubber, and other similar surfaces.

Features of Sprayon LU210 Food Safe Silicone Spray:

  • Complies with FDA standards
  • Prevents sticking without transfer
  • Does not react with urethanes or styrene

Knives, guides, slides, slicers, food racks, mixers, grinders, saws, heat sealing equipment, belts, overhead drives, conveyors, bottling machines, and chutes are just some of the many items that may benefit from Sprayon LU210 Food Safe Silicone Spray.

Please contact us for a quotation on Sprayon Food Grade Silicone Lubricant at the lowest possible price:

  • LU210 Food Grade Silicone Lubricant – 10 oz. (12/case), SKU# SP-S0021000
  • LU210 Food Grade Liqui-Sol Trigger Sprayer Silicone Lubricant 14 fl oz. 12/case, SKU# S00210LQ


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