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To keep gasoline port and direct fuel injection systems running efficiently, it is imperative that you use a quality fuel injection system cleaner to keep your vehicle’s fuel injector system clean. With the advent of today’s ethanol fuel blends, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep fuel injection systems clean and running efficiently. Champion Fuel Injection System Cleaner #8888 was designed to keep fuel injectors, pumps, and other critical fuel injection parts clean.

Its proprietary chemistry works immediately by attacking and removing any deposits found in your fuel injection systems such as varnish, gum, sludge, and carbon deposits. It even cleans those deposits from the upper cylinder area. In addition, this exclusive high-performance chemistry protects costly fuel injectors and pumps from any corrosion or mechanical wear.

This alcohol-free, non-hazardous, non-toxic fuel injection system cleaner will provide faster starts, reduce any rough idling, and enhance performance and power. It delivers superior rust and corrosion protection and will keep any moisture or water in suspension.

This fuel injector cleaner will help to minimize or prevent pre-ignition, detonation, pinging, or knocking. It is an excellent upper cylinder lubricant, thereby reducing wear. It helps to minimize or reduce the recession of non-hardened exhaust valve seats in older engines. It will reduce or eliminate injector pump wear.

Champion Fuel Injection System Cleaner #8888 is safe for use in catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and turbochargers. It can be utilized to clean air intake systems by using the appropriate applicator. This product can be added directly to your vehicle’s fuel. It is an excellent lubricant for the upper cylinder wall, thereby protecting it from wear and any accumulation of harmful deposit buildup.

Champion Fuel Injection System Cleaner #8888 is highly concentrated.

Champion Fuel Injection System Cleaner #8888 Treat Rate:

  • add 400 milliliters directly to the fuel tank or into air intake with the use of a special applicator

Champion Fuel Injection System Cleaner #8888 specs.


24-8 Ounce/Case, 12-16 Ounce/Case, 12 Quart/Case


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