Gardner Bender Circuit Alert Tester

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Gardner Bender Circuit Alert Tester has both visible (flashing) and auditory (beeping) indications for detecting the presence of AC Voltage between 50 and 600 Volts.

The correct installation and safe operation of electrical equipment may be ensured using the Gardner Bender Voltage Tester GVD 3504.

Faulty installations may be fatal; contractors can determine the quality of electrical systems using a circuit alert tester.

Gardner Bender is proud to provide a comprehensive array of cutting-edge test equipment such as the GB Gardner Bender Circuit Alert Tester, which is intended to make electrical work more efficient and secure.

This circuit alert voltage tester is designed with the following unique characteristics and advantages:

  • The circuit alert emits beeps and lights to signal the existence of 50V to 600V AC electricity.
  • The fully insulated probe tip removes any possibility of accidentally making touch with live electrical cables.
  • The batteries and tester have an integrated safety check to ensure good operation.
  • C/ETL/UL-listed tester with CAT III certification and one-year guarantee.
  • Before beginning any electrical work, use this tester to make sure there are no wires that are “hot.”
  • The little size is suitable for a sleeve pocket.
  • The Gardner Bender Circuit Alert Tester is powered by a single AAA battery.

Please contact us for information and the lowest price possible on the Gardner Bender Circuit Alert Tester:

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