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If you need a Gardner Bender Multimeter we can provide high-end digital multimeters from Gardner Bender with 3, 4, and 7 functions respectively, plus the excellent GMT312 Analog Multimeter with 5 functions.

The Gardner Bender GDT311 auto-ranging device simplifies the choice to add a multimeter to your arsenal when you are debating whether or not to do so.
The Gardner Bender Digital Multimeter GDT3190 tester is equipped with a magnetic holding strap and a 3.5-inch LCD backlit digital display that is easy to read, making it perfect for “hands-free” applications such as those involving automobiles, appliances, circuit breakers, and other similar areas of use.

In addition, the casing of the multimeter is made of rubber, which provides a secure and pleasant grip. It has lead holders that wrap around which ensure that the leads are always ready for use.

In order to facilitate one-handed testing, the probes may be snapped into a normal outlet at a convenient distance apart.

It is designed with seven different functions for testing, including AC Voltage up to 500V, Resistance up to 20 meg Ohms, DC Voltage up to 600V, Continuity (including auditory indicator,) Diode, Battery Testing for 1.5 V batteries, and Temperature Probe (32 to 482 degrees F.)

The low battery indication with auto-off feature helps to extend the battery life, and the auto-ranging eight-position rotary smooth dial helps to get accurate and precise readings.

Additionally, the battery life is helped by the battery indicator.

The rugged rubberized casing can withstand drops from a height of 6 feet and crush loads of up to 150 pounds.

The accompanying 26-inch test leads are held securely in place by the input jacks, which are both snug and tight.

A one-year guarantee and corresponding cable attachments are part of the Gardner Bender Multimeter package.

The tester has a rating of CAT III 600V, is compliant with the requirements established by UL 61010-1, and is certified in accordance with CAN/CSA C22.2 (two AAA batteries not supplied.)

The following capabilities are available on the GMT312 Gardner Bender 5 Function Analog Multimeter:

  • It offers manual range selection, along with a zero Ohms adjustment slider for added convenience.
  • Designed with displays that are simple to read and are color-coded.
  • It tests DC/AC voltage, resistance, and DC current.
  • A thirteen-position rotary dial is included.
  • Contains input icons for the test leads to ensure the right positioning of the test leads, as well as a set of negative and positive electrical test leads.
  • A fuse overload protection circuitry that passes agency standards is built in.
  • Designed with detachable test leads for easy replacement.
  • A 250 mA fuse was included into the Gardner Bender Multimeter design.

Please Contact Us For Information and The Lowest Price Quote On A Gardner Bender Multimeter:

  • Digital Multimeter – 3 Function, 14 Range, Tests AC/DC Voltage/Resistance
  • Digital Multimeter – 4 Function, 16 Range, Tests AC/DC Voltage/Resistance/Battery
  • Digital Multimeter – 7 Function, 8 Range, Tests AC/DC Voltage/Resistance/Continuity/Temperature/Battery


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