Graffiti Remover for Brick

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    The powerful cleaning product known as graffiti remover for brick is a robust mixture that is able to remove even the most tenacious types of graffiti, such as enamel.

    This bare brick graffiti remover is ideal for use on brick surfaces.

    The absence of amyl acetate and methylene chloride in this non toxic graffiti remove contributes to the product’s higher level of user safety when compared to other similar products.

    It is safe to use our graffiti remover on practically any hard and non-porous surface, including brick walls, wall tile, toilet partitions, concrete, phone booths, lamp posts and benches, tables, trains, road signs, aluminum siding, seats, billboards, lockers, and bus stops.

    It’s important to keep in mind that this industrial strength graffiti remover might damage certain plastics.

    There are a variety of enterprises and municipal agencies that may benefit from this professional graffiti remover, such as street and sign crews, school districts, recreation and park divisions, transportation authorities, sports facilities, and utility and power divisions.

    Heavy duty graffiti remover is excellent on a wide variety of graffiti, including permanent marker, lipstick, spray paint, shoe polish, and paint.

    The recipe for the world’s best bare brick stone and masonry graffiti remover was developed to provide a number of helpful features and advantages, some of which are given here.

    As the best product to remove graffiti, its biodegradable solution dissolves graffiti from almost any hard surface!

    This eco friendly graffiti removal product is skin-safe since it does not include amyl acetate or methylene chloride.

    Our environmentally friendly graffiti removal products were developed to be both non-toxic and cost-effective in its removal of graffiti.

    The following are the instructions for making use of this graffiti remover for brick:

    Before usage, be sure to shake the bottle of the best graffiti remover for concrete well.

    To prevent paint and ink residue from getting on your hands, you should wear gloves while applying this vandalism remover.

    Apply the bare brick stone and masonry graffiti remover to the surface, then use a  scrub cloth and gentle circular motions to start removing the paint and graffiti.

    If you want the greatest results from this spray paint graffiti remover, you should keep using a clean section of the cleaning cloth.

    Repeat as many times as needed when using this graffiti eraser.

    Test this paint and graffiti remover in an inconspicuous location before putting it on a surface that has already been painted to ensure that the paint will not be removed along with the graffiti.

    It is possible for this industrial graffiti remover to damage certain plastics.

    Available in: 12×1 gallon, 4×1 gallon, 6×1 gallon, 5 gallon, 6 gallon, 30 gallon, 35 gallon, and 55 gallon.


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