Grease Fitting Assortment

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Our high-quality Grease Fitting Assortment is available in both inch and metric sizes.

A grease zerk fitting is a fitting made of metal that is utilized in mechanical equipment to deliver lubricants, often lubricating grease, into a bearing at pressures ranging from medium to severe utilizing a grease gun.

It is also known as a grease zerk, zerk fitting, Alemite grease fitting, and grease nipple.

Either a straight push-fit or taper thread configuration, sometimes referred to as “hammering in,” is used to firmly connect a grease fitting to its host.

This exposes a nipple connection that may be linked to a grease gun.

A small captive bearing ball placed within the metric zerk fittings is capable of moving around notwithstanding the strain exerted by its retaining spring as a result of the pressure generated by the grease gun.

Consequently, the device is only a valve that releases when pressure is applied.

This permits lubricants to travel through a channel and be pushed into the voids of the bearing.

When the force keeping the ball open is no longer there, the ball returns to its closed position.

Along with preventing oil from seeping outside of the grease fitting nipple, the ball works as a control valve to stop dirt from entering the fitting.

The ball is intended to be almost level with the fitting’s surface so it can be cleaned.

This will aid in reducing the quantity of dirt transferred into the bearing with the grease.

Utilizing the concave tip of a grease gun, the high pressure grease fittings may be readily sealed from several angles due to its convex design.

This seal is nonetheless properly tight to compel the grease to mobilize the ball and enter the grease zerk, as opposed to just leaking out of the momentary annular seal.

When the grease gun side is utilized for higher pressure greasing, it will attach to the seal and nipple as a butt joint.

This type of grease gun is subject to leakage if the tip is not correctly positioned with the nozzle.

After the lubrication procedure is complete, the nozzle that is latched-on could be unlatched by inverting it so that the nozzle’s seal is broken.

Whenever the seal breaks, the trapped pressure in the nozzle is discharged, and the fingers that are latched are therefore unlocked.

The (SKU# CS12945PB) 90-piece pound-in grease zerk Grease Fitting Assortment comes in a plastic compartment box with the following quantities & inch sizes:

30 – 1/8″ NPT – straight; 5 – 1/8″ NPT – 45 degrees; 5 – 1/8″ NPT – 90 degrees; 30 – 1/4″-28 straight; 10 – 1/4″-28 45 degrees; and 10 – 1/4″-28 90 degrees.

The (SKU# CS03600SJ) 80 piece Metric Grease Fitting Assortment for pound in grease zerks comes with the following quantities and sizes, and it is packed in a box made of plastic compartments:

10 – 6mm x 1.00 Str; 5 – 6mm x 1.00 45degree; 5 – 6mm x 1.00 90degree; 10 – 8mm x 1.25 Str; 5 – 8mm x 1.25 45degree; 5 – 8mm x 1.25 90degree; 5 – 10mm x 1.50 Str; 5 – 10mm x 1.50 45degree;
10 – 8mm x 1.00 Str; 5 – 8mm x 1.00 45degree; 10 – 10mm x 1.00 Str; 5 – 10mm x 1.00 45degree.


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