Heat Shrink Butt Splice Connectors

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The purpose of using heat shrink butt wire connectors is to splice two solid or stranded wires together in order to repair or extend cables.

The heat shrink butt splice form offers a low profile for applications with limited space.

The moisture-resistant heat-shrinkable polyolefin sleeve comes with hot-melt adhesive.

After crimping heat shrink crimp connectors, ordinary heat guns are used to finish heat shrink insulation.

If you want the best heat shrink wire connectors, then give our shrink wrap butt connectors a try today.

Heat Shrink Butt Splices are available in:

  • AWG 26-22 GA (Yellow)
  • AWG 22-16 GA (Red)
  • AWG 16-14 GA (Blue)
  • AWG 12-10 GA (Yellow)

Quantity: 100 heat shrink butt connectors per bag.


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