Heat Shrink Ring Terminal

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This Heat Shrink Ring Terminal construction ensures a stable connection in situations with high vibration levels.

The sleeving found on heat shrink ring terminal connectors provides environmentally sealed terminations for high moisture applications by forming a protective barrier.

A conventional heat gun is typically used to apply heat shrink.

The recommended shrink temperature for the heat shrink ring connector is 300 °F (150 °C.)

Heat Shrink Ring Terminals are available in:

  • AWG 22-16 GA, fits 1/4″ stud (Red)
  • AWG 22-16 GA, #10 (Red)
  • AWG 16-14 GA, fits 1/4″ stud (Blue)
  • AWG 16-14 GA, #10 (Blue)
  • AWG 12-10 GA, fits 1/4″ stud (Yellow)
  • AWG 12-10 GA, #10 (Yellow)

Quantity: 100 heat shrink ring tongue terminals per bag.


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