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Champion High Mileage Engine Treatment #4065 is engineered with specialized synthetic additive chemistry that delivers superior protection to bearings, seals, and valve trains of high mileage engines. It was formulated for high mileage engines that experience a lost level of performance caused by friction, wear, smoking, leaks, oil consumption, and deposit buildup.

This unique proprietary synthetic oil additive chemistry will protect your high mileage engine against rust and corrosion, friction, and wear. It is a highly concentrated lubricant that can be added to your current engine oil. It offers extremely low volatility. Conventional engine oils must deal with high temperatures and extreme operating conditions, especially those found in a high mileage engine. As heat builds within an engine, conventional oils can be exposed to oxidation, which can increase issues within your engine.

Treating your engine oil with Champion High Mileage Engine Treatment #4065 improves the quality and performance of your engine oil. Our unique synthesized additive chemistry goes to work to deliver a cleaner and more efficient operating motor. Champion High Mileage Engine Treatment #4065 helps to extend engine service life by reducing friction and wear. Also, it helps to fight against oil ring deposits.

Through its unique anti-oxidation chemistry, it controls and helps to minimize sludge buildup during severe operating conditions.

Internal engine.
Keep your high mileage engine running for years to come by using a high-performance synthesized high mileage engine treatment.

Reduction in Friction and Wear

To further extend the life of a high mileage engine, it is critical to reduce the operating temperatures in the engine. Reaching the goal of reduced engine temperatures requires the use of a friction modifier and an anti–0wear agent. Champion High Mileage Engine Treatment #4065 utilizes unique friction modifiers and anti-wear agents that work synergistically to reduce friction and heat. This leads to a reduction in wear, which translates to longer oil and engine service life.

This concentrated high mileage engine oil treatment enhances the performance of ordinary engine oils. By treating your high mileage engine with this proprietary synthesized engine treatment, you’re giving your engine the ability to reduce engine friction, wear, and operating temperatures. This heavy-duty formulation helps to eliminate metal-to-metal contact in critical engine parts, thus providing the kind of enhanced lubricant protection your used motor desperately requires.

Not only does Champion High Mileage Engine Treatment #4065 give your motor a second lease on life, but it’ll also lengthen the oil service life of your current engine oil. This unique engine treatment will help to reduce gum, varnish, and sludge. It offers the potential to quiet a noisy, running engine. Remember, if friction can be reduced in a motor, then your motor will run more efficiently, produce more power, and deliver enhanced fuel efficiency.

Engine cylinders.
Improving engine cleanliness in a high mileage engine requires a specialized engine treatment that utilizes heavy-duty anti-oxidant agents, friction modifiers, and a detergent/dispersant package.









By enhancing a conventional engine oil with our state-of-the-art high mileage engine treatment, vital engine parts are protected during high-temperature operation and high load conditions. By reducing friction and wear, engine service life is extended. By improving the lubrication qualities through the use of this exclusive engine treatment, your engine will run quieter and smoother due to the improved lubrication qualities of your oil.

Operating temperatures can be reduced through the reduction in friction. Your engine maintains superior cleanliness due to the lowering of the engine’s operating temperature. Lowered temperatures translate to a reduction in oxidation, oil thickening, sludging, varnish, and gum deposits.

Champion High Mileage Engine Treatment #4065 is a highly concentrated advanced engine treatment chemistry formulated to improve engine protection in high mileage motors. This high-performance additive formula delivers enhanced protection for all types of high mileage engines.

Engine parts.
Protect your high mileage engine from rust, corrosion, and wear with a low volatility, high mileage engine treatment.

Champion High Mileage Engine Treatment #4065 Attributes:

  • delivers enhanced protection against rust and corrosion
  • reduces friction and wear
  • reduces heat and temperatures
  • improves engine cleanliness
  • lowers engine noise and offers smoother operation
  • enhances fuel efficiency
  • extends engine and oil life
  • protects bearings, valve trains, and seals
  • reduces oil consumption

Treat Rate:

  • 1 quart treats 10-15 gallons
  • 1 gallon treats 40-60 gallons
  • 5 gallons treats 200-300 gallons

Champion High Mileage Engine Treatment specs.


12-Quart/Case, 4×1 Gallon/Case


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