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When older or damaged hydraulic seals cause heavy equipment to function inefficiently, the consequences can be costly and a high-quality hydraulic fluid stop leak is needed. Hydraulic seal failure may cause downtime and increased lubricant expenses. When hydraulic oil leaks are left unattended, this is not only wasteful but can lead to extreme inefficiency of equipment operation, equipment damage, and costly downtime.

The potential waste caused by leaking hydraulic oil seals can become quite expensive. For example, a single drop of hydraulic oil that occurs every second and continues for one year will lead to a massive 420 gallons of totally wasted hydraulic fluid. Do the math and this is a shocking waste of money. One simple solution for stopping wasteful hydraulic leaks is to use Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662.

This exclusive problem-solver is blended from 100% pure synthetic base stock oils and proprietary additive chemistry. By adding Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662, it goes to work to stop leaks in hydraulic seals. It is also engineered to be a fantastic hydraulic oil additive that boosts lubricity, decreases hydraulic component wear, and extends the life of hydraulic oil.

Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662 is fully compatible with conventional/petroleum-based mineral hydraulic oils and also synthetic fluids. It was not formulated to be used with phosphate ester fire-resistant hydraulic oils,  nor should it be used with water-glycol hydraulic fluids.

Hydraulic excavator.
Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662 is highly concentrated and is blended from synthetic base stock oils and proprietary additive chemistry.

Stops/Reduces Hydraulic Oil Leaks

Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662 was engineered to stop or reduce hydraulic oil leaks caused by damaged seals. When hydraulic fluid systems are exposed to extreme operating conditions over extended periods of time, hydraulic seals tend to become brittle and also can shrink in size. This can definitely occur if low-cost and low-quality hydraulic fluids are utilized.

Low-quality hydraulic oils typically are formulated with low-cost and low-performance additive chemistry that starts to break down over normal use. These types of hydraulic oils are not equipped nor engineered for extended service life or extreme operating conditions. They offer minimal protection and service.

Due to the fact that they utilize low-quality anti-foam agents, this causes the hydraulic fluid to create foam and causes temperatures to rise. Foaming acts as an insulator for heat. When seals are exposed to heat over extended periods of time, hydraulic seal material starts to dry and becomes less pliable. Inevitably, this becomes the source of your hydraulic oil leaks.

Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662 was specifically engineered to help reverse the conditions that cause hydraulic oil leaks. First of all, the formula contains a swelling agent that offers interesting and beneficial features such as its ability to bring seal material back to life, making them pliable, and swelling their size to help stop oil leaks.

By reducing or stopping oil leaks, you’re helping to preserve the life of critical hydraulic parts and also extending their service life. If seal damage is not dealt with, your expensive equipment can be vulnerable to unnecessary and unwanted component wear, wasted oil, and costly downtime.

Forestry machine.
Logging equipment can benefit from Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662 by helping to minimize downtime and wasted oil leaks.

Enhance the Life of Equipment & Seals

Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662 is not only a simple solution to any current hydraulic leaks caused by damaged seals, but it is the perfect strategy to help prevent any future hydraulic oil leak problems. It goes without saying that if your seals are allowing oil to leak out, then those same seals could be allowing unwanted contaminants to get past the seals that could cause unwanted wear and tear on expensive hydraulic components.

By utilizing Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662 as part of your preventative maintenance program, you’ll greatly prevent any future seal damage and help to increase the life of hydraulic components, reduce downtime, and save on repair costs.

Highly Concentrated and Economical to Use

Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662 was specifically designed to be different from any other competitive hydraulic oil stop leak. Most competitive products on the market require a high treat rate level, typically 5% or more. Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662, on the other hand, utilizes a 1% treat rate level, making this product extremely economical.

Whether your equipment is old or new, by simply adding 1% of this fantastic oil additive, you’re extending the life of your fleet of equipment and protecting the huge investment you’ve made in your operation.

Log mover machine.
Leaking one drop of hydraulic fluid every day for a year leads to 420 gallons of wasted hydraulic fluid. Save money and use Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662!

Exclusive High-Performance Chemistry

Beyond the fact that this problem-solver offers superior seal protecting benefits, it also delivers other critical attributes. Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662 can be considered a hydraulic fluid booster. This proprietary additive chemistry utilizes state-of-the-art anti-wear additives that enhance the life of hydraulic components. This unique anti-wear chemistry provides a protective coating on hydraulic metal parts, which thereby prevents any abrasive wear metals from contaminating the fluid, thereby reducing the chance of any seal degradation.

Another critical component to our exclusive hydraulic oil additive chemistry is the use of our heavy-duty anti-foam agents. Too much foaming within a hydraulic system can cause heat and temperatures to rise. As temperatures rise, oil life is reduced, which can be detrimental to hydraulic parts. Also, foaming can cause hydraulic systems to operate inefficiently.

As temperatures rise and fall, moisture can occur. Where there’s moisture in a hydraulic system, there can be rust and corrosion. To fight against rust and corrosion, Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662 uses the finest rust and corrosion inhibitors that protect critical hydraulic components from being damaged.

This proprietary hydraulic additive chemistry is blended with the finest 100% pure synthetic base stock oils. These pure synthetic base stock oils are manmade in the laboratory to be free and pure from any unwanted contaminants. Critically, these synthetic base stock oils are made with a uniform molecular structure. By having a uniform molecular structure, these same-sized molecules flow freely with no fluid friction.

This unique combination of our proprietary additive chemistry, along with its pure synthetic base stock oils, creates a lubricant that works in a synergistic manner.

Stream excavator.
Stop leaks in seals, decrease wear, and extend oil life by using Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662.

Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662 Attributes

  • reduces/stops leaks in seals
  • extends hydraulic fluid life
  • reduces wear
  • protects against rust and corrosion
  • lowers heat and temperatures
  • eliminates foaming
  • controls varnish and carbon deposits

Champion Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662 Directions

  1. The treat rate is 1% of system intake.
  2. 1-quart treats 25 gallons.
  3. 1 gallon treats 100 gallons.
  4. 5 gallons treats 500 gallons.

Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak #9662 specs.


12-Quart/Case, 4×1 Gallon/Case


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