Ice Melt Residue Remover

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    Ice melt residue remover may be used to eliminate any discoloration that may appear on floors and carpets.

    Do you want to know how to remove ice melt residue?

    This industrial-strength rinse agent was created to eliminate the dulling, white-chalky residue produced by ice melting products.

    Neutralizes corrosive film without hurting painted or polished surfaces.

    It is versatile enough to be used on metal surfaces, as well as hardwood and vinyl floors, rugs, and carpets.

    This is an excellent product that may protect carpets from being stained and can fight against the chemicals that are used to melt ice.

    The following is a list of characteristics and advantages offered by ice melt residue remover:

    Ice melting chemicals leave behind a dull, white-chalky residue that may be easily removed with this product.

    Salt residue may be dissolved without causing any damage to painted or polished surfaces.

    It helps to keep the floors and carpets from becoming discolored.

    Directions for using ice melt residue remover


    Daily Damp Mopping Requirements:

    For every gallon of rinse water, add 1-3 ounces of ice melt residue cleaner.

    Use a mop to generously apply it to the floor and let it sit for a few minutes to do its work.

    Rinse quickly with clean water, regularly wringing out the mop.

    For Equipment Cleanup, Removal Of Heavy Film Requires

    Use a gallon of rinse water to dilute 6 ounces of the solution.

    Spray it generously over the equipment surfaces and wait several minutes for the solution to take effect.

    Proceed by rinsing with fresh water.

    To Remove Ice-Melting Carpet Stains:

    When using carpet extraction equipment, add between one and three ounces of ice melt residue cleaner per gallon of water.

    Ice melt residue remover should not be used in hot solutions or in combination with any other chemicals.

    Available in: 4 x 1 gallon, 6 x 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 6 gallon, 30 gallon, 35 gallon, and 55 gallon.


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