Ice Melt Safe for Concrete

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If you are searching for an Ice Melt Safe for Concrete, then you need go no farther than our cement friendly ice melt, which can melt snow and ice in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our asphalt safe ice melt works well on both asphalt and concrete, and it has a green color indicator to assist you inĀ preventingĀ under-application and waste.

It is possible to apply this sidewalk safe ice melt by hand since it does not cause skin burns.

Asphalt, sidewalks, parking lots, stairs, concrete, flagstone, cement, and roads may all benefit from the versatility of our sidewalk safe ice melt.

The following qualities and benefits are made available by this Ice and Snow Melt Safe for Concrete product:

It won’t take long for you to notice that our deicer safe for concrete product is effective in melting ice, frost, and snow.

When applied in accordance with the package directions, this concrete friendly ice melt will not corrode concrete.

On carpets and floors, this safe ice melt does not leave behind any kind of residue.

To break through heavy ice formations, our granular ice melt creates exothermic heat.


When treating an area for snow removal, use our Ice Melt Safe for Concrete at a spread rate of 1/4 pound per square yard of surface area.

Apply as soon as the snow begins to fall for optimal effectiveness.

In order to remove ice, spread our ice melt safe for flagstone out evenly over the surface at the rate of 8 ounces (one cup) per square yard for every 1/4 inch of ice.

Make sure that there are no mounds and that it is dispersed in an equal manner.

When snow accumulates to a depth of over two inches, it is impracticable to apply any ice-melting agent.

Before applying, be sure to remove any extra snow by shoveling or plowing it, and then apply the cement safe ice melt solely to the snow that is left over and is packed down.

Our concrete friendly ice melt will not cause any damage to concrete of a high grade, however concrete of a lower quality may see minor surface scaling.

Using this Ice Melt Safe for Concrete product on concrete less than a year old or on concrete with exposed aggregate or precast stairs is not recommended. Should not be used on brick or concrete that is broken or chipped in any way.

Concrete’s pores, chips, and fissures are all potential entry points for the water that results from the melting of snow and ice.

This water’s repeated freezing and thawing might then cause damage to the concrete.

To reduce the severity of this vulnerability, the slush and water should be removed from the concrete.

Available in: 50 pounds.


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