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Champion Irrigation Drip Oil #2382 was formulated specifically for deep-well irrigation pumps where a superior drip oil is needed to lubricate and protect the line shaft bearings. Lubrication is provided to deep-well irrigation pump systems to the line shaft bearings by a steady drip of oil that flows down the shaft. What separates Champion Irrigation Drip Oil #2382 from other competitive products is its superior ability in reducing friction and wear, while at the same time reducing unwanted consumption of the lubricant.

It provides a state-of-the-art irrigation drip oil chemistry that offers the finest lubrication available in protecting your turbine irrigation pump.

Superior Viscosity Index

Champion Irrigation Drip Oil #2382 utilizes the finest state-of-the-art base stock oils that naturally have a very high viscosity index. Viscosity index translates to a measurement of the oil’s capabilities at maintaining its viscosity over a range of temperatures. The higher the viscosity index number, the higher the quality of the oil. Champion Irrigation Drip Oil #2382 has one of the highest viscosity indexes in the industry, which means it will not thin out during hot operating conditions, nor will it thicken when temperatures are cold.

If your operation experiences extreme temperature changes, then Champion Irrigation Drip Oil #2382 is your only choice. Through its ability to maintain a consistent viscosity over a broad range of temperatures, Champion Irrigation Drip Oil #2382 lessens the requirement of constantly adjusting and monitoring your irrigation drip system. Additionally, because of its ability to steadily maintain its viscosity in extreme temperatures, you waste less drip oil and any contamination of water tables is vastly reduced.

There is an opportunity to potentially reduce your drip oil consumption. One of the main reasons for the failure of turbine irrigation pumps is insufficient drip oiling. Champion Irrigation Drip Oil #2382 was formulated with proprietary chemistry that goes to work at reducing any gum or varnish buildup that could occur in the oil passageways. By keeping the oil passageways clean, it allows for free-flowing and efficient drip oiling.

Inadequate lubrication is a thing of the past and thus, you remove the #1 problem affecting turbine irrigation pumps by utilizing a drip oil that protects and delivers the necessary lubrication.

Less Drip Oil Consumption

There are two scenarios you’d want to avoid in terms of how your turbine irrigation pump system functions. When the weather is cold, you surely want your oil to continue to drip at its proper flow rate. When the temperatures become hot, you want to avoid the drip oil flowing too quickly. The only solution to having a singular drip oil that maintains consistent drip oil flow during a broad temperature range would be to choose an irrigation drip oil that was formulated with high viscosity index base stock oils.

Your only choice is Champion Irrigation Drip Oil #2382. It uses the finest and highest viscosity index base stock oils available. This means that when you adjust your drip oil rate, it will maintain a consistent viscosity regardless of whether the temperature is cold in the morning or hot in the afternoon. When time is short and you’re very busy handling other issues and you don’t have enough time to check flow rates, your best friend in saving you time and money is Champion Irrigation Drip Oil #2382.

This drip oil will maintain the rate you set and longterm you can expect a reduction in oil consumption, resulting in money back in your pocket.

Champion Irrigation Drip Oil #2382 was formulated for use in irrigation systems, water wheels, and turbine pumps.

Application Rates:

  • Deep Wells (400 feet): Adjust drip oil flow rate to 1 drop every 6 seconds or 10 drops for every minute. Allow the drip oil to run for approximately 2 minutes before cranking. Basic rule of thumb: Add 5 more drops of drip oil per minute per 100 feet of well. As an example, a deep well that is 600 feet would require a rate of 20 drops per minute.

Champion Irrigation Drip Oil #2382 Attributes:

  • formulated from the best high VI base stock oils and high-performance additives
  • its high viscosity index offers consistent flow rates over a broad temperature range
  • will reduce oil consumption
  • protects against rust, corrosion, and wear
  • delivers quick water separation, preventing any oil from emulsifying
  • extended fluid service life

Irrigation Drip Oil specs.


12-Quart/Case, 4×1 Gallon/Case, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum

Viscosity Grade

32, 46, 68, 100


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