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The Kent Ladies Hairbrush PF01 is crafted from high-quality beechwood and has a head that is air-cushioned for the purpose of protecting the scalp.

The handle is constructed with an additional rubber grip for improved comfort.

Kent Ladies Hairbrush PF01 is made of non-scratch nylon quills and bristles.

The Kent hairbrush for fine hair has little balls affixed to the top of the nylon quills that will not scratch scalps that are very delicate.

The Kent Ladies Hairbrush PF01 detangles hair without pulling or scratching while spreading natural oils to improve shine.

Those who have sensitive scalps will find that this is the ideal Kent hair brush for thinning hair.

If you have curly or curly-haired locks, thick, fine, short, medium, or long hair, Kent hairbrushes are for you.

This Kent oval hair brush is a high-end hairbrush designed specifically for ladies and imparts a natural sheen to your hair.

The entire length of the Kent natural bristle hair brush model is 9 inches, and its bristles are 3/4 inches in length.

The Kent Ladies Hairbrush PF01 was developed specifically for the purpose of straightening and smoothing the hair of sensitive scalps.

All varieties of hair may be softly brushed and shaped with this Kent boar hair brush.

This Kent hairbrush is fantastic for removing knots and tangles from the hair.

This rubber cushioned pure bristle and nylon soft brush is ideal for stimulating the hair’s natural conditioning oils, which in turn encourage shine and luster. The bristles are made from both nylon and pure bristle, and the brush has a rubber cushioned surface.

This Kent boar bristle hair brush is of the highest quality, and it has nylon bristle strands that have been specially engineered to glide through any kind of hair with ease. Using this brush will leave your hair feeling beautiful and revitalized in the morning.

Straightening and general grooming are best done with this Kent bristle hair brush, which is the best brush available.

Your hair will be wonderfully detangled, cleaned, and conditioned if you use the Kent Ladies Hairbrush PF01 premium detangler style brush. It has enhanced Penetron filaments that assist in penetrating brushing all the way down to the scalp and aid with brushing.


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