Kingsley Hair Brush For Men


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  • Rosewood Handle.
  • 100% Natural Bristle is gentle on hair. Smoothes and adds shine.
  • Cleans and stimulates hair to encourage healthy hair.

A good quality hairbrush smoothes and untangles hair. Unlike plastic and metal bristles, boar bristles do not damage hair because they are hair themselves. The brush cleans the hair of dust, dirt, and dandruff, distributes the natural oils, and keeps the hair looking healthy. This gives the hair a natural shine.

Cleaning: To enjoy longer life from your Kingsley for Men brush please follow these cleaning instructions. With a comb, remove hair from the brush. Make a lather of lukewarm soapy water and dip only the bristles in the water. Do not use detergents or ammonia and avoid direct contact of the handle with the water. Dip the bristles in clean water to rinse. Shake well to remove excess moisture. Air dry with bristles downward. Do not use direct heat or a towel to dry the brush.


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