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When applied before to the onset of snowfall, this Liquid Deicer is able to reduce the likelihood of snow and ice adhering to pavements.

The subsequent use of solid ice melt products will work more quickly as a result of this pre-treatment.

Aside from outdoor mechanical handling systems like conveyors and elevators, liquid deicer for sidewalks may also be used on sidewalks, driveways, rail switches, and almost all outdoor deicing applications.

Liquid de icer may be used on sidewalks, parking lots, outdoor conveyors and elevators, and rail switches among other outdoor surfaces.

Utilizing Liquid Deicer for driveways will provide you with the following features and benefits:

Quick and simple to use.

Enables solid ice melt products to operate at lower temperatures.

When sprayed before solid rock salt and sand are used, this treatment improves the performance of both materials and extends their lifespan.

Operative down to a temperature of -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

You may use it as a pre-wetter before it rains, or you can use it when snow and ice have already been collected.


Rate Of Use And Application:

1. Accelerator –

Enhances the performance and durability of solid rock salt and abrasives such as sand.

Application: 0.5 gallons/1000 square feet.

The dilution may be changed according to the need.

2. Pre-Wetter/Anti-Icer –

Spray the pavement with it before the rain starts falling.

Application: 0.5 gallons/1000 square feet.

Adjust dilution based on demand.

3. Deicer –

When put on top of snow and ice, Liquid Deicer is an effective deicer.

In order to avoid runoff and enable penetration through glazed ice, it may be required to score the surface in many spots before applying the treatment.

To ensure penetration and avoid run-off, several applications may be required to score the surface in various spots before applying.

In severe cases, more than one application may be required.

Recommended Use:

Use between 1.0 and 2.0 gallons per 1000 square feet on thin ice when the temperature is around 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the temperature is below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, use 3.0-6.0 gallons per 1000 square feet.

Dilution Ratio

Temperature      Product         Water
-10 degrees F         1                       0
0 degrees F            3                       1
+10 degrees F       2                       1
+20 degrees F       1                        1

As is the case with other deicers, you should only use it on concrete that has been properly poured and allowed to cure.

Do not use on porous concrete, concrete that has not adequately cured, or concrete that is less than a year old.

Concrete may suffer damage if it goes through a cycle of thawing and freezing caused by the natural components of the weather.

The usage of an ice melt contributes to the acceleration of these cycles, which are determined by variables that we cannot influence.

It is not suggested to use deicers on flagstone, mortar joints, porous brick, or prestressed concrete or precast.

When sprayed directly on grass, shrubs, trees, or flower beds, deicers of any kind have the potential to cause damage.

Ensure that the vegetation area is free of melting snow, slush, and ice.

When ice-melting compounds are used at considerably higher rates than advised, they may impede footing or tracking and induce indoor tracking.

The user of this Liquid Deicer assumes all responsibility and risk associated with its use.

Available in:

5 gallon, 6 gallon, 30 gallon, 35 gallon, and 55 gallon.


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