Lubriplate Assembly Lube

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Lubriplate Assembly Lube is a white, water-resistant, NLGI No. 0 grease with outstanding anti-seize capabilities, and is highly recommended for coating all moving components during engine assembly and rebuilding.

Advantages of Lubriplate No. 105 Motor Assembly Grease

Lubriplate 105 has several more automotive, home, and shop applications, including:

  • Door hinges
  • Press fittings
  • Battery terminals
  • Striker points
  • Windshield wipers
  • Shackle pin and spring assemblies
  • Radio antennas
  • Nut and wheel assemblies
  • Anti-seize applications
  • Hinges on truck and hood
  • Remote control gear shifting mechanisms
  • General rust proofing of tools and parts
  • Manual operated steering gear mechanisms

Applications for Lubriplate Grease 105

The recommended approach is to apply Lubriplate Assembly Lube as a light coating using a spray, brush, or swab to all moving motor components.

Uses for this engine assembly grease will extend to every moving component of a diesel or internal combustion engine, such as pistons, valve stems, timing gears, rings, and main and rod bearings. This must occur prior to the assembly.

After the treatment of motor assembly lube is initiated, corrosion and seizing will be eliminated.

When a motor is initially started, there is a brief time in which the oil in the crankcase cannot adequately lubricate the whole working system. During this time, high temperatures are generated and moving components are scored.

A thin layer of Lubriplate 105 has adequate anti-seize characteristics to avoid this situation, and once the oil starts to mix throughout the system, this thin coating of Lubriplate No. 105 evaporates into the oil without causing any adverse effects.
Currently, a large number of motor rebuilders and OEMs around the nation are using this approach with Lubriplate Assembly Lube.

For the best price on Lubriplate No. 105 Motor Assembly Grease, please contact us:

  • 10 oz. plastic tube, 36 tubes to a shipping case, #L0034-094
  • No. 105 White Lubricant – 1.75 oz. tube, (36/case,) #L0034-086


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