Lubriplate Chain And Cable Lube

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Lubriplate Chain And Cable Lube is a fluid that may be used for a variety of purposes, such as a penetrant, a lubricant, and a cleanser.

By entering the fibers, Lubriplate Chain and Cable Fluid is able to lubricate and minimize the amount of friction that happens between the wire rope strands.

Additionally, by doing the same thing, Lubriplate Chain and Cable Fluid Penetrating Oil is able to lubricate and stop corrosion and rust from occurring in the inner core.

Lubricating roller chains follows the same fundamental guidelines as lubricating other types of chains.

In addition to protecting and lubricating the outside of the links, Lubriplate Chain and Cable Lubricant also penetrates, cleans, and lubricates the inside of the links, which is essential.

All of these needs may be met with Lubriplate Chain & Cable Fluid.


  • You may put Lubriplate L0135 to good use on the wire rope that is used on shipyard gantry cranes, which are subjected to highly rigorous service as well as air and water that include salt.
  • Lubriplate Chain and Cable Lube functions as a lubricant that may be used for a variety of purposes, including on sewing machines and vending machines.
  • Speedometer cables and housing will benefit from this product as it lubricates and also penetrates, crawls, and softens grease.
  • Utilize Lubriplate Chain & Cable Fluid on latches, control cables, latches, and pins. You can also use it on concrete trucks, where it penetrates concrete and frees metal pieces that are stuck.
  • When applied to door locks, it may loosen up door locks that have been frozen.
  • It is useful for preventing corrosion and as a nut buster.
  • It gets into and lubricates parts of equipment that are exposed to things like rust and corrosion, road grime, salt, road grime, and many other contaminants.


  • Maintains a wet coating and does not lead to a dry surface.
  • This one-of-a-kind film doesn’t just keep things clean; Lubriplate Chain And Cable Lube really repels dust and filth.
  • Lubriplate’s Secure Straw Dual Spray Nozzle is integrated within the aerosol packaging.

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  • Lubriplate Chain & Cable Penetrating Fluid Spray 11oz 12/cs


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