Lubriplate FML-2 Calcium H1 Grease

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Lubriplate FML-2 H1 Grease is one of the most well-liked products in the food manufacturing sector.

White in color, Lubriplate FML-2 Calcium H1 Grease provides the highest level of cleanliness and lubrication available.

Greases formulated with Lubriplate FML technology have remarkable anti-wear qualities.

Applications that are typical for Lubriplate FML-2 Calcium H1 Grease include the following:

  • As an H1 lubricant, it finds use in a wide range of food processing tasks.

The following is a list of advantages offered by Lubriplate FML-2 Calcium H1 Grease:

  • It is a food-grade H1 lubricant that conforms to USP standards and is made from white mineral oil.
  • These versatile H1 greases have dominated the market for years in the food processing sector.

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