Lubriplate Gear Shield Extra Heavy

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NLGI #3 Grade Lubriplate Gear Shield Extra Heavy Spray is a thick, sticky, and tacky grease that adheres and stays in place.

Lubriplate Gear Shield Extra Heavy has shown itself to be an exceptional lubricant for a broad range of applications.

Because of its effectiveness in lubricating the racks, pinions, and dipper sticks of shovels used to process blast furnace slag, a major heavy construction company began using Lubriplate Gear Shield for all of their shovel activities, including stone quarrying, strip mining, and highway building.

A renowned maker of heavy-duty forklift trucks discovered that this Lubriplate open gear grease was the only one capable of effectively lubricating the slides on several massive military vehicles.

Similarly, chemical and other industries using big open gear drives have discovered that Lubriplate Gear Shield Extra Heavy lubricates the gears more effectively and significantly extends gear life compared to other gear compounds.

Additionally, it is an exceptional 5th wheel spray grease.


  • Complete series addressing the demands of users needing a variety of film thicknesses.
  • Waterproof, as well as resistant to corrosion.
  • Powerful adhesion and tenacious holding abilities makes it the perfect fifth wheel grease spray.
  • Solid fillers for improved abrasion resistance under severe loads.
  • Aerosol container employs the Secure Straw Dual Spray Nozzle of Lubriplate.

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  • Lubriplate Gear Shield Extra Heavy Spray is available in 11 oz. aerosol cans (12/case.)


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