Make Your Own Hose Clamp Kit

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    This make your own hose clamp kit has all of the necessary components to manufacture your own hose clamps.

    You may build DIY hose clamps out of stainless steel of any size by simply cutting off a section of banding from a continuous roll.

    Make your own hose clamp with a diameter as little as three inches and as large as ten inches or ten feet; you choose the size, and then the process takes just fifteen seconds.

    It is an absolute must for anybody who is likely to run across situations that call for huge clamps of varied sizes.

    In addition to that, you may reuse them.

    In comparison to crimp or buckle banding and strapping materials, the breeze make a clamp is superior in quality and versatility.

    The make your own hose clamp kit includes a band measuring 1/2 inch (12.7 mm,) a slotted hex head screw measuring 5/16 inch (7 mm,) and a stainless steel fastener and screw/housing assembly measuring 9/16 inch (14.2 mm) wide.

    This create a clamp kit is a one-of-a-kind, multi-purpose repair kit that may be used on farms, in maintenance and repair shops, on off-road vehicles, motor homes, trucks and buses, construction equipment, and boats, among other applications.

    It helps minimize inventory while also expanding coverage.

    There is nothing else comparable to it.

    You can change the diameter in any way you want, from 2 inches to many feet.

    Having a kit on hand in your shop may help you avoid expensive downtime while also facilitating the speedy creation of hose clamps of the precise dimensions you want.

    The make your own hose clamp process is a pretty straightforward process.

    The slotted fastener is inserted into the band to secure it.

    The manufactured hose clamp is closed and tightened in the standard method.

    Slotted fasteners, screw housing assembly, band splices, and a roll of perforated band are included in each Make Your Own Hose Clamp Kit.

    Please be aware that the provided perforated band has to be trimmed to the specified length.

    Please request a quote or additional information on any of these quality Make Your Own Hose Clamp Kits:

    #4000 Make-A-Clamp Kit (SKU# CS03640200025BZ):8 1/2 Ft. Band, 3 Adjustable Fasteners, 1 Band Splice

    #4001 Make-A-Clamp Kit (SKU# CS03640201003BZ):100ft Band, 25 Adjustable Fasteners, 10 Band Splices

    #4002 Make-A-Clamp Kit (SKU# CS03640202030BZ):50ft Band, 10 Adjustable Fasteners, 5 Band Splices

    #4003 Make-A-Clamp Kit (SKU: CS03640203125BZ):Box of 25 Adjustable Fasteners

    #4004 Make-A-Clamp Kit (SKU# CS03640204100BZ):Box of 10 Adjustable Fasteners

    #4008 Make-A-Clamp Kit (SKU# CS03640208000BZ):Box of 10 Band Splices


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