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McNess Clear Vanilla is ideal for angel food and white cakes, icings, candies, and more. Gluten-free, salt-free. 12 oz. bottle.

PLEASE NOTE: This McNess Clear Vanilla Extract should be stored tightly closed in a DARK, cool location.

McNess Clear Vanilla Extract Ingredients

Water, Alcohol 6%, Propylene Glycol, Vanillin, Ethyl Vanillin

McNess Clear Vanilla Extract is a concentrated form of vanilla extract. This product enables bakers to make icings, baked goods, as well as other sweet treats without introducing the dark color of vanilla extract to the mixture. By the way, if you’re also looking for a double-strength, high-quality classic Madagascar vanilla extract, try McNess Vanilla! It is the vanilla extract gold standard used by bakers around the world.

Baking with McNess Clear Vanilla while creating white frosting for icings &  cakes will bring the desired flavor & look because it is produced from Madagascar Vanilla Beans. It is ideal for wedding cakes without compromising its top-quality flavor that is derived from the Madagascar vanilla bean.

Instead of pure vanilla extract, McNess Clear Vanilla is made with ethyl vanillin and vanillin as flavoring agents. An interesting fact is that ethyl vanillin and vanillin are naturally present molecules in the Madagascar vanilla plant.

McNess Clear Vanilla Extract is a popular choice for adding vanilla flavor without adding any dark coloring to white frostings and glazes. Baking purists swear by this white vanilla extract.

Vanillin and ethyl vanillin are unfamiliar terms to most people. Among the dozens and dozens of elements that are derived from the vanilla bean, vanillin is the principal flavoring part of white vanilla. Vanillin ethyl ester is yet another element extracted from the vanilla bean. Clear vanilla extract contains each of these compounds, which contribute to its flavor.

In addition to ethyl vanillin and vanillin, the actual identical molecule can even be synthesized in a research facility, but it is the same specific molecule in each case, so it would have the same characteristics as the molecules which originate out of vanilla beans.

To try and enhance the flavor, several other vanilla products found in the marketplace add sugar & corn syrup, which is less expensive but takes away from a clear vanilla’s natural taste. Due to McNess Product’s strict philosophy in creating the best tasting, highest quality, and superior performing clear vanilla extract, corn syrup and sugar are never added.

If you’re looking for the best, forget the rest. Since 1908, McNess Clear Vanilla has withstood stood the test of time and truly delivers the finest white vanilla taste possible!

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