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McNess Pain Oil, also called McNess Wintergreen Oil, is a popular personal care product that has been used by customers old and new throughout the United States for over a century. This old-fashioned personal care product still uses the same ingredient of methyl salicylate, more commonly known as wintergreen oil. It also contains eucalyptus oil and mustard oil, along with menthol. As its name implies, it may offer some relief for sore, achy muscles and joints*.

McNess Mentholated Wintergreen Oil has a new name, a new package, and a new size, but this is the EXACT SAME product as the McNess Pain Oil that you’ve known for generations. Now in a conveniently sized 8 oz bottle.

If you’re looking for the original McNess Pain Oil formula, then McNess Mentholated Wintergreen Oil is still available!

Mustard Oil

During one anecdotal animal study, it was theorized that mustard oil may offer some assistance in decreasing pain through the process of desensitizing certain pain receptors found in the body. Unfortunately, there’s been no research done on humans to validate this. There are some omega-3 fatty acids found in mustard oil that could possibly offer a decrease in pain and inflammation. Additional research conducted in humans is required to determine the effectiveness and safety of using mustard oil for pain relief.

Flowering mustard plant.
Mustard oil shows potential in providing some assistance in minor pain relief. It is a key ingredient in McNess Pain Oil.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil that may potentially help in decreasing inflammation and pain in muscles and joints, as suggested by independent anecdotal research.

Koala eating eucalyptus leaves.
Eucalyptus oil may offer potential in providing some minor relief to sore joints and muscles.


Menthol can be created by extracting it from mint oil. When menthol is applied to the skin, it gives a cooling sensation. There is some historical anecdotal information that has suggested that menthol may possibly help in decreasing minor pain in muscles and joints. More serious research needs to be conducted in this area to determine whether it is useful for this application.

Peppermint plants.
When applied to the skin, menthol delivers a cooling sensation. Historical anecdotal information suggests potential in minimizing minor soreness in muscles and joints.

Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen Oil is an essential oil that is typically derived from wintergreen plant leaves. Wintergreen oil can also be synthesized and in that form, it is known as methyl salicylate. Methyl salicylate, which is the active ingredient found in wintergreen oil, is related to aspirin and may offer some anti-inflammatory or analgesic properties. With that said, certain products such as McNess Pain Oil, which contains wintergreen oil, may potentially offer some anti-inflammatory or topical pain relief. Serious independent research needs to be conducted to verify these potential properties.

Some independent anecdotal information has suggested that McNess Pain Oil may offer some possible relief from minor joint and muscle pain.

McNess Pain Oil Ingredients

Alcohol 63%, Methyl Salicylate (Wintergreen Oil), Menthol, Oils of Eucalyptus and Mustard, Water

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