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McNess Vanilla has a classic, unique blend of pure Madagascar vanilla and fortifiers that creates a smooth flavoring compound. This delicious double-strength flavor will not bake or freeze out. Gluten-free and salt-free. 12 oz.

Since 1908, McNess Vanilla has provided a rich and delicious vanilla flavor. It is made with the finest quality Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans. Compared to other vanilla flavorings found in the marketplace, it is twice as strong. This classic double strength vanilla has a dark, rich, creamy flavor and offers a buttery and sweet aroma.

Did you know that vanillin and ethyl vanillin are actually naturally occurring in the vanilla plant?

So when you see these added to your vanilla compound, this helps increase the flavor. That’s why McNess Vanilla is double strength and won’t freeze or bake out. McNess vanilla does not add sugar or corn syrup.

Vanilla flower.
McNess Vanilla is double strength and will not bake out or freeze out. It adds a smooth, delicious flavor to any baking recipe.









McNess Champion Madagascar Vanilla Compound is made from real Madagascar vanilla bean extract and supplemented with vanillin and ethyl vanillin. Most people don’t know what vanillin and ethyl vanillin is. Dr. Barry Ferm (Chemist, Natural Science & Engineering College Faculty) was asked to explain the differences between vanilla, vanillin, and ethyl vanillin. His answer may surprise you.

“Vanilla is the plant from which vanilla beans come. Those vanilla beans are cured and extracted. The flavor components that we know and love are drawn out of the bean and taken into the extraction liquid.
That’s where the term extract comes from. Vanillin is the primary flavor component of vanilla and is one of the hundreds of components that are extracted out of the vanilla bean. Ethyl Vanillin is another one of the components that are extracted out of the vanilla bean. They are both important flavor compounds that we experience through a vanilla extract.

Both Vanillin and Ethyl Vanillin are natural products that are produced by the vanilla bean plant but the exact same molecule can also be made in a laboratory but they are the same exact molecules in each case, so they have the same properties as the molecules that come out of the vanilla bean. It’s good to be aware that some vanilla products have added corn syrup and sugar and that is simply to increase the flavor experience, but it’s a lot cheaper and at the expense of pure vanilla flavor.”

For 100 years, McNess Vanilla has been the gold standard in vanillas for bakers throughout the United States. In fact, many champion bakers will use nothing but McNess Vanilla when making their prize-winning cakes and cookies. If you’re looking for the finest tasting and highest quality vanilla, there is no better product on the market than McNess Vanilla!

Drying vanilla.
McNess Vanilla uses the finest quality Madagascar vanilla bean extract. McNess Vanilla is the number one choice for professional champion-winning bakers.

McNess Vanilla Ingredients

A special blend of Water, Alcohol 12%, Vanilla Bean Extract, Carmel Color, Vanillin, Ethyl Vanillin, and Glycerine

McNess, Since 1908
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