Open Gear Lube Spray

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Sprayon® LU201 Open Gear Lube Spray soaks deep into the wire rope’s core through the metal’s pores.

This spray on wire rope lubricant is capable of providing a diverse range of lubrication even when subjected to high temperatures, all while clinging to surfaces in an impressive manner.

Because of its ability to “travel” on metal surfaces and remove water, this open gear and wire rope lube effectively prevents rust.

This Open Gear Lube Spray includes an extension tube that may be used to reach locations that are difficult to access or for usage while the equipment is in use.

Sprayon LU201 Open Gear Lube and Wire Rope Spray was developed to protect wire ropes from rust and corrosion, to hold up under high pressure in open gears without breaking down or becoming brittle, and to provide maximum coverage thanks to its dark color.

Sprayon LU201 Open Gear Lube Spray may be used for a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to: gear boxes, roller chains, exposed or open gears, wire rope, cables, machine tools, metal forming presses, and winches.

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  • Sprayon LU201 Open Gear & Wire Rope Lubricant – 16 oz. (12/case)


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