Parker and Bailey Granite and Stone Cleaner


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The specially formulated Parker and Bailey Granite and Stone Cleaner is safe for use on all stone, marble, quartz, tile, and granite surfaces. When used according to the directions, it will gently clean and polish granite and other stone surfaces without streaking or scratching.

Comes in a 24 FL. OZ. spray bottle.

Made In USA!

Parker and Bailey Granite and Stone Cleaner Suggested Uses

  • Cleans and shines granite, marble, tile, limestone, slate, composite, and much more!
  • This stone and granite cleaner is perfect for daily cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom, and all around the home.
  • 100% streak-free.
  • This powerful cleaning agent gets rid of tough oil stains, grease, and grime on granite and stone surfaces.
  • Excellent on outdoor stone furniture and floors.
  • Two-in-one home cleaning product: Stone and Granite Cleaner AND Polish!
  • Safe for food preparation surfaces.
  • Excellent protective stone and granite countertop cleaner!

Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area to determine acceptable surface conditions.

Common household cleaners can damage natural stone surfaces. Don’t take the risk… Use Parker and Bailey Granite and Stone Cleaner!

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  1. Rotate nozzle to the “spray” or “stream” setting and apply the Parker and Bailey Granite and Stone Cleaner evenly from 6″ to 8″ above the surface.
  2. Using a clean paper towel or reusable shammy cleaning cloth, wipe up the excess cleaner with a circular motion.
  3. Buff surface dry with a clean paper towel or cloth for superior beauty, shine, and luster!


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