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Parker and Bailey Stain Remover is the finest comprehensive home stain remover. This high-quality cleaning solution is a family favorite, with a formula that eliminates even the most stubborn stains from carpets, clothes, and other materials.

Apply Parker & Bailey Stain Remover with a cloth and observe tough stains vanish before your eyes. It’s simple to use and works well on all stains!

Parker and Bailey Instant Stain Remover comes in an eight-ounce bottle and is made in the United States.

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The following are some suggested applications for Parker and Bailey Stain Remover:

Fantastic on:

  • Tea, soda, and coffee stains
  • Blood and urine stains
  • Protein and grass stains
  • Red wine stains, food stains, ink stains, grease stains, and all other types of stains!

Parker and Bailey Stain Remover performs wonderfully when utilized as a pre-wash for laundry. Just apply directly on a stained spot on the clothing, add a capful to the washing machine, and marvel at the brighter and cleaner wash!

Directions For Use:


Lay an absorbent, dry cloth under the affected area. Parker and Bailey Stain Remover should be applied to the dry, absorbent cloth. Remove the stain by blotting it with the cloth. If necessary, wash the garment.


A soft cloth is ideal for dabbing the stain remover on. The affected region should be blotted and rubbed with the treated cloth. To speed up the drying process, either utilize a hairdryer or a dry, clean towel.


Rub onto carpeting stains immediately and let sit. Use a dull knife to remove the stain. Using an absorbent, clean cloth, blot the stained area. For persistent stains, treatment must be repeated.


Pre-wash your clothes with this stain remover. Make use of Parker and Bailey Stain Remover to get rid of stains on cuffs or collars. Washing clothes with a cup of this stain remover will make them cleaner and more vibrant. In conjunction with a high-quality enzymatic washing detergent, your garments will appear brand new. The best spot treatment for laundry is Parker & Bailey’s Stain Remover, which is suitable to utilize on most materials that can be washed.

Note: The colorfastness of this product should always be tested in an inconspicuous location first. Avoid using on corduroy and velvet.


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