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Permatex 60950 is an anaerobic, one-component bearing mount adhesive for cylindrical joints.

It is sometimes referred to as the Permatex Bearing Mount for Close Fits.

It has a low viscosity and has a wide range of applications.

This Permatex bearing retainer is a liquid resin with a green color that, when removed from the presence of air, becomes more solid and completes its curing process.

The plastic used in Permatex Bearing Mount for Close Fits becomes extremely hard when it is sandwiched between two tightly fitting metal elements.

Once the adhesive cures, it becomes a thermoset plastic that can withstand exposure to many chemicals, including those found in automotive fluids.

This item meets the requirements set forth by the original equipment manufacturer.

Is at or above the standards set by Mil-R46082B, Type I, the military specification.

The following are some of the advantages that you will get from using the Permatex Bearing Mount for Close Fits:

  • Because of its unique formulation, it does not need any mixing and does not cure outside of the joint.
  • Additionally, it protects against corrosion and fretting, enables the utilization of push fit or slip fit, and can be applied to assemblies with gaps of up to 0.005 inches in diameter.


Bushings, bearings, ring gear bolts, differential lock pins, and oil seals are just some of the things that may be bonded using Permatex 60950.

Usage Instructions

1. By using the Permatex Brake & Parts Cleaner, you may get rid of any oil or grease.
2. When putting together slip-fitted components, apply Permatex bearing mount all the way around the collar’s leading edge, then assemble everything in a rotating motion.
3. To produce a press fit, Permatex bearing retaining compound adhesive must be completely applied to both surfaces of the bond, and the components must then be attached at high press-on speeds.
4. In order to assemble components using a shrink fitting method, this Permatex bearing retainer adhesive must be placed onto the pin before the collar is heated to a temperature high enough to generate enough space for free assembly.
5. When using Permatex Surface Prep on both surfaces, curing times are reduced.
6. Until the parts are strong enough to be handled, they should not be moved anywhere.
7. In this case, just the assembly itself will cure, not the outside materials.
8. Use a dry towel to remove any residue.

Cleaning Up

1. The liquid coatings that form the outside of joints are easily dissolved with Permatex Brake & Parts Cleaner.
2. A cured product may be removed by first immersing it in Permatex Gasket Remover, and then using mechanical abrasion, such as a wire brush, to scrub away the residue left behind.


1. Use local heat on the assembly of around 232 degrees Celsius (450 degrees Fahrenheit.)
2. When heated, disassemble the parts.


1. Don’t forget to pick up any stray components from the assembly.
2. To ensure proper adhesion between components, prime them before assembly.
3. Assemble in the specified manner.

Cured Material Performance

  • Permatex 60950 is able to withstand temperatures between 65°F and 300°F.
  • Corrosiveness – None. (Somewhat acidic; certain metals may be discolored.)
  • Dielectric strength is equal to 250 volts per millimeter.

Generic Information

You shouldn’t choose Permatex 60950 as a sealer for chlorine or other powerful oxidizing compounds, and you shouldn’t use it in oxygen rich and/or pure oxygen systems.

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  • Permatex 60950 Bearing Mount for Close Fits: 50 ml bottle.


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