Permatex 80025 Decal And Adhesive Remover

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Permatex 80025 Decal and Adhesive Remover is a solvent remover developed particularly for removing stickers, decals, and adhesive off windows, truck bodies, and bumpers.

Some Product Benefits When Using Permatex Adhesive Remover:

  • As a decal remover spray it is safe to use on the majority of hard surfaces.
  • As a decal remover for cars it lets you avoid the need for labor-intensive scraping.
  • Considered the best decal remover, use it with confidence both indoors and out.
  • Known as the best sticker remover because it produces no residues.

Common applications for using Permatex Decal Remover:

Permatex 80025 Decal and Adhesive Remover can be used on bumpers, car bodies, windshields, and windows to get rid of stickers, decals, grease, adhesives, tree sap, tar, and bugs.

Contact us for the best price quote on Permatex 80025 Decal And Adhesive Remover:

  • Permatex Decal & Adhesive Remover – 5 oz. (12/case)


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