Permatex Anti Seize Lubricant

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We provide Permatex Anti Seize Lubricant formulated with nickel, aluminum, and copper.

Fasteners, bolts, flanges, and other clamped surfaces benefit from Permatex Anti Seize compound, which are applied to them to prevent seizing, galling, and corrosion and to lubricate them for easier removal.

Anti-seizes may come in the form of coatings, greases, and pastes, and they can be formulated using a broad variety of materials, including copper, nickel, aluminum, and others, in order to cater to the specific requirements of various systems.

A correctly selected and administered Permatex high temp anti seize may provide a variety of advantages:

  • Permatex aluminum anti seize helps prevent fasteners from galling or being picked up while being assembled.
  • In fasteners, Permatex nickel anti seize may generate a more accurate and constant clamping force.
  • Permatex copper anti seize aids in decreasing corrosion on interfaces by sealing them off from moisture and chemicals.
  • The use of Permatex 81464 Anti Seize while disassembling helps to make the process more manageable and reduces the risk of components being damaged.
  • Permatex Anti Seize lubricant may be used to prevent loosening and wear by keeping the surfaces of a joint apart and lubricated while in use.
  • Permatex 81343 Anti Seize may be helpful in lowering the amount of wear and friction that occurs between mated surfaces that are subject to relative motion, including couplings and splines.
  • When used in vibrating systems, Permatex 80078 Anti Seize helps to lessen the fretting wear that components experience.
  • In the process of assembling interference fittings, Permatex Anti Seize lubricant might be helpful.

Please contact us for the most competitive pricing on Permatex Anti Seize Lubricants:

  • #133 Aluminum Anti-Seize Lubricant: 1 oz. tube, 4 fl. oz. jar, 8 fl. oz. jar, 8.5 oz. aerosol can
  • #767 Aluminum Anti-Seize Lubricant: 16 oz. jar
  • #771 Nickel Anti-Seize Lubricant: .5 oz. tube, 8 oz. jar, 16 oz. jar
  • Copper Anti-Seize Lubricant: 8 oz. jar, 1 lb. jar


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